Thursday, June 4, 2015


What a week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOWWWW!!!!! ok.

Well something that I really enjoyed last week from PMG was in Chapter 4. It said that 'The missionary is making contact with the Spirit of Christ already there. The gospel will have a familiar 'ring' to them.' Boyd K Packer. How beautiful is that? The spirit is already there, we are just reminding them what they have felt and it will feel like coming home.

A woman this week told me I have a really big heart, I think that made it a little bigger hahaha. I feel like I have changed here in the mission, but to hear other people see changes or things like that, it really makes me feel like I am doing some good.

Yes. I am now 21. Feeling very very very OLD. I was in Xalapa and Hna Greer made a big breakfast for us, complete with bacon and blueberries and raspberries and blackberries. WAHHHHH like a little piece of home hahah but I felt very loved. The other missionaries were also glad it was my birthday. Hna P surprised me when I got back with a cake and a bag of lychees!!! One of the best fruits ever. It was SO much better than my birthday last year. Last year were cambios and the house I got to didn't even have toilet paper. So it was a great improvement!! 

One of the nights in Xalapa I was talking to another hermana and I saw a white fuzz ball moving. A WHITE FUZZBALL MOVING?!?!?! I casually mentioned to the hermana that I think there is a mouse behind her. She screams and jumps onto the bed and then all the other hermana in the house do too and then I do also because everyone else is freaking me out. Once we get calmed down, they let us know that the neighboors upstairs lost their pet gerbil....and that the fuzzball is it. FINALLY though, we coaxed it out of its little hiding cave and got it back to the neighboors.

In Xalapa I got to go and see Hna M!!! I LOVE HER!!!! It was such a happy reunion :)

My mission feels so great and like things are finally clicking, but the time is flying SO FAST!!! Why did it take 16 months to get to this point? Ug. I feel like I can finally connect and love the people unconditionally and everything else basically just falls into place.

Hna P is one of the best companions ever!!!!! I know we are going to be friends for a long long time. She keeps me happy and motivated. I really am SO grateful for her. We have lots of goals we want to achieve and work to achieve them! It is a good feeling. We are finally working with members more, something I have struggled with my whole mission. But we are seeing the fruits of our efforts.

We were talking with an interesting lady named M L and she totally FARTED. I thought I misheard, but then I saw Hna P's change in composure hahah and we almost lost it BUT we DIDN'T! Whew. Thank goodness for self control

S - She's got it all!!! She just lacks confidence in herself. And that is one of the most important things. It is hard when we see someone's potential and they just can't see it

P and Y - Came to church this week, going to Guadalajara on Saturday :( crying inside. They showed up with their diaper bag, completely prepared for sacrament meeting, like seasoned members. I am going to miss them :(

D - her mom gave her permission to get baptized..but still hasn't signed her cedula. D is also kind of strange sometimes and semi-hides from us or lies but then other times is really open and completely genuine. We need to find out what she is getting at

Little side note hahah so Presidente and Hna Greer have been asking for our experiences in the mission, because they are important for the legacy. I don't think that anyone has really been sending anything because in the announcements each week they ask in BIGGER and MORE RED letters for our experiences....I have never sent anything because honestly....there is no time while writing hahaha even though I have had a lot of amazing experiences. BUT GUESS WHAT. Presidente pulled something out of one of my weekly letters and put it as one of the experiences. I am anonymously? famous! Ruth and Jessie will understand what this means in my search for fame.

"From one of the great missionaries in the Xalapa Mission!!! Quote:
Ok, well some of the biggest things this week. Thanks to the consejo, and other lessons, I realized I had been slacking a lot on fasting and with the fast offerings. This week, we decided to fast and make EXTRA sure that we were doing every part of it. And what happened? We found a lot of new, AMAZING, people and we feel like we understand the needs of our investigators more. We also have been running a little short on money, but we still both paid our usual fast offering and people have been offering us food ALL week and have been giving us food to go. The blessings are pouring out upon us and it is AMAZING to see. I feel like I have never really seen the blessings this much of fasting and paying fast offerings, but it was incredible and my testimony is exponentially stronger. FASTING WORKS!!!"

Love, Hermana Westergard


helping clean

us with Y and P

LCH conference


 a horse in a pretty view

tacos at the conference


Y and J and P and V

beautiful Teziutlan

conference with Elder Christiensen!!