Monday, April 21, 2014

No Hay Nadie


So this week is No Hay Nadie, which means there is not anyone here. This was what happened yesterday when we were contacting, we knocked on a door and no one was there. We return down the path a little, and then hear tons of life in the house, so we go back and knock again. Silence settles. Then this little girl comes from around the corner as says No Hay Nadie. I say, but you are here! She just kind of slinks back around the corner. Needless to say, we think they do not want anything hahahahaha. Funny Mexicans!

So Hermana D is my new companion. We both only have 6 weeks in the mission, but I am senior companion, I think it is because I know the area. Hermana D has so much energy and such a strong spirit, and is from Columbia. She is VERY driven/says things how they are, so I am trying to get used to that. She does not like the hills in Papantla, and we often need to stop 2 or 3 times walking up stairs or hills. Hehehe I will whip her into shape in no time. We work really well together though! We feed off of each other in lessons, and have been contacting and looking for tons of people. I hope we have a lot of success together!

We have a couple new investigators! EVERYONE HERE LOOKS OLDER THAN THEY ARE TOO!!! Example, Itzel. I thought she was 16 or 17ish, but she is only 13. No wonder her dad does not want her to go to church with us! Itzel is my first investigator that has really read the assignment we gave her. She even took notes and said that she loved what she read! SO AMAZING!!! BUT her dad does not want her to go to church, we are trying to meet him so he can see we are normal people and there is nothing to be afraid of. Her neighbor, Marian, is also a new investigator of ours, however they do not seem to get along. Not quite sure what to do about that. But it is nice that they both live up the 154 step mountain, so if one is not home, we look for the other! Our climbing is not in vain! A funny experience with Felipe. We taught him the word of wisdom - no coffee, tea, alcohol, the whole shebang. The next visit we have with him, he is sitting in a rocking chair with little animal crackers, drinking a cup of coffee.....hmmmmmm. We ask him how he is doing with the Word of Wisdom. He says, Well honestly, I am drinkiing this coffee. hahah yes we can see that! He said his daughter gave it to him, but after some scriptures about blessings we recieve when we keep the commandmants, he takes 2 more sips and dumps the rest out. I HOPE THAT IS THE LAST OF IT!  He did not go to church on Sunday, and so we went to visit him in the afternoon, and found him glumly sitting on a corner near his house. He told us he didn't go to church because he went to visit his daughter that morning (she lives with his kind of wife), but his semi brother in law would not let him in the house. He did not want to go to church with a sad attitude, so he had been sitting there the whole day, and we just happened to walk by. He is trying to change his life for his daughter! He loves her so much! I WANT TO HELP THESE PEOPLE!!!!! But they need to come to church too! There is so much love there for them in a world where they do not feel a lot of love! I want them to feel that love!

We might be starting an English class here, so that is really cool! SO many people want to learn the language, but they do not know where to start. Well my friends, I will help you learn English if you help me learn Spanish! I tried Elote finally!!! LOVEEEEE ITTTTTTTTT. With chile of course too, gotta have chile!

One of my favorite scriptures this week - 1 Nephi 16:29 - missionaries are the small things that great things are brought to pass! I may be only one person, but I have so much to offer!

I know this church is true! I know missionaries are blessed and protected! I am reminded every single day, I know I am being looked after!

Love, Hermana Westergard
Hna D y yo en colonia Corpus Cristi,

nueva zona! (new zone!)

my new companion Hna D

one of the MILLIONS of hills in Papantla


salamander friends in the apartment

my agenda!


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