Monday, May 26, 2014

One year older and wiser too

Hola todos!

So guess what! I am now in Xalapa! My birthday present from Presidente Saucedo hahaha everyone craves to be in Xalapa, and here I am! We found out cambias last night, and I got on a bus this morning at 9 and am currently in my new area! My new companion is Hermana M, she is from Honduras! I do not know her super well, we have only been together for like 2 hours, but so far she seems really nice and wants to help me with Spanish! 

This week was a jumble of everything. With cambias looming over our heads, everyone was kind of worrying about the changes. But we did a lot of contacting this week, and even if those references were not successful, I have SUCH A STRONG testimony of contacting! If the reference does not lead directly to someone who wants to hear the message, I know that somehow, some connection will lead to SOMEONE who wants to be baptized! It is just about following the connect the dots puzzle. Funny experience, someone gave us our landlord as a reference, but we did not know until after we were talking with his wife and then he showed up at his house. hahahah AWKWARD. He has some problems, and the Elders had talked with him before. We had a nice awkward conversation and then speedily walked away. It is all good though!

We had a Noche de Hogar (Family Home Evening) this week, and I showed them how to make cookies, American style. Yes they did love them. I did too. I tried this wicked good fruit this week, called lychi? I do not know how to spell it, but it is my new favorite!

I am really starting to feel like my work here is less active members in the church. I keep running into and finding less actives, and it is not like I have plans to visit or find them, they just somehow become a part of my path during the day. If that is my work here, rather then baptisms, that is ok with me! I just want to help with this great work!

Our 2 miracle girls could not be baptized this week :(. It seems like right when I get my hopes up for a baptism, Satan smacks me down again. Felipe is still attending church! But in a drunken state. Poor guy. I know he wants to change so bad! He just has this awful addiction. I spoke at a baptism for the Elders. My spanish was not great, and it was very last minute, but I hope he felt the Spirit behind my words!

We started English and Piano classes this week! The attendance was small, but I would rather have fewer people so I can focus with them more!

Sunday was such a scramble for me. We have this great new investigator, Silvia. She goes to all the activities, and goes to church too!! We are really excited and blessed to be teaching her. AND THERE WAS A SURPRISE PARTY for me on Sunday!!!! The members of this ward are the best! There was a Jessie piñata from Toy Story, my look alike, there were endless tacos and cake. The tradition here is that when someone blows out the candles, their head is then shoved into the cake. YES. My head was shoved into the cake. But it just meant I got to try it before everyone else! hehehehe. I love tacos. Love Mexico. SO SAD TO LEAVE MY WARD :(. We found out the changes that night, so I did not get to say bye to anyone. Sad sad. But also happy day.

I love you all! Thank you for the birthday emails!

Hermana Westergard

Pieces of home

 watermelon study snack

 spider and cockroach of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints


Goodbye to Hermana E :(

one of my favorite families!!!,

Elder L and I with our piñatas

 after the molida

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