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So, title of the email this week is ¡Exactamente! becauseeeee it is the favorite word of one of our investigators who says he knows a lot, but then when we ask him more indepth questions, he has no idea. For example, Hna D asked him if he knew about the Godhead, he said Oh, si si si si. She then asked him what he knew about the Godhead, he quickly changed his mind and was like ohhhhhh.... no no no no se. He likes to talk a lot too, it is sometimes hard to get a word in!

Mon - I had some problems washing my clothes hahahah so we have a washer for the whites, and I was trying to fill up the washer with water from the hose. But it was not filling up! And I did not know where the water was going! I ask Hna D, and she comes and shows me this hose that was lying on the floor where all the water was leaking out....into someones apartment. We ran back upstairs and decided to do laundry another day. 

SISTER MILLER I LOVE YOU EMAILS!!!!! I wish i knew how to translate them more into Spanish for my companion, they are so inspiring. Love love love!!! 

I also realized today that I remember where things are in relation to food. The member we were talking to told me to develop this talent and use it hahaha I am not quite sure how to do that.

Tues - We had cooler weather! SUCH A BLESSING! I did not realize how much hotter it was going to get later in the week. Hindsight is an interesting thing. We had a long day, basically none of our lessons followed through, basically a day of walking the mountains of Papantala and knocking on doors and saying Buenas Tardes with no response. That actually seemed to be the theme of the week. Fun fun! Lots of Exercise! The hills that seemed big once, do not seem that big anymore! We got 2 new investigators today, Cornelio and Teresa, they seem actuallly genuinely interested. HIGH HOPES! And, at the end of the day when we had no energy, the husband of one of the memebers gave us money for a taxi home. I am counting my blessings in everything.

Wed - Our stove little burner thing broke this i finished cooking my eggs in the microwave. One of the lowest points of my mission hahaha and possibly life. But they were cooked! We had cam bias (exchanges) this day too with some other Hermanas. My comp for the day was Hna Tecco, she is from Peru and only has 3 months left! So crazy! We had chinese food mexican style for lunch. Interesting day. This day was the one day that you want your plans to work out...and once again everything fell through. Even the member who was supposed to go around with us cancelled. I am pretty sure I led Hna T all over every hill of our area.

Thurs - Jesus, the exactamente investigator, fell asleep during the prayer hahahahahaha. We said amen and looked up, and he was just sitting there breathing deeply. After about 3 minutes, I clear my throat and say AMEN really loudly. Then he snaps out of it and says amen. I have been needing to remind myself that I have only been here for 3 weeks! I want to understand everything, and I can feel my spanish improving, but I still want to understand more! The zone and district leaders told me that my spanish is way advanced for people who have been out for my time. Fingers crossed they mean that!

Fri - This day marks the day I have sweated the most in my entire life. Hna D and I get to the top of some stair mountains, and I turn and look at her and she died laughing. Sweat was DRIPING down my face, yes I have become one of the people who carries a sweat rag with them. We also did not have any water this morning, and we knew we were going to need it that day. We walked to get water, but it was closed. As we were walking back, I said a prayer that some water truck would go by. 2 seconds later, an hermana from the ward honks her horn and we turn around and she takes us to get water! PRAYERS ARE ANSWERED!!! Today was 42 Celsuis, which is 107 farenheight. Yeah it is hot.

Sat - I think I miss english so much that I keep convincing myself that I am hearing it. Like Have a Good Day! No haha I keep reminding myself that no one here knows english, I am just delusional from the heat. Blessing today! We were ending the lesson with  Cornelio, and we asked him to pray. He prayed and we asked him how he felt. He broke out into a huge smile and said he felt really good. YOU COULD TELL IT WAS GENUINE!! SO HAPPY!!! New investigator today too! Domingo, this really old man who works at this well, always drawing water. High hopes! We were almost attacked by the high son of one our old investigators, but his brother was there and we got past and away with no harm done. I know missionaries are looked after!!! We are TRULY blessed!!

Sun - The sister of the drugged brother did not come to church today because apparently, everyone thought he had punched me. Word travels fast in Papantala haha because the bishop came up to me at church and asked if I was ok, he heard I had gotten punched. I was like no bishop I am fine! WE HAD THE MOST AMAZING BURGERS FOR LUNCH TODAY! I had 3....seriously better than any burger I have eaten before. Mexicans know how to do burgers right.

Mon - we got to go to the BEACH today! I love the beach!!!! We had friend bananas with cream and lechera (basically sweet and condensed milk) and this strawberry stuff. Wicked wicked good. SUCH A GOOD PDAY! We played ultimate frisbee and soccer near the water, and got to walk in it! Totally living in the coast when I grow up
Love the sunsets

Minnesota license plate

stick bug

In the jungle the mighty jungle



our zone

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