Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Safe en Mexico!!!

This is my email I am allowed to send telling you that I am safe and sound in Mexico! Our flight in Texas was delayed for like 2 hours while we were on the plane, it was a small plane too so we were all just cozy with eachother hahaha it was a 2 seater and 1 seat across the isle on the plane. I stepped off the plane and the first thing I felt was the humidity, and my hair immediately started expanding hahaha my friend Elder Woodward called me out on it. Currently, one of my bags is MIA. And it is my bag with all my clothes soooooo it would be good if you could keep that in your prayers. I had a feeling last minute to throw a couple of shirts and a sweater thing into my carry on so I did, and to also throw in my deoderant so I am not completely repulsive! And in the bag that I still do have had an extra toothbrush and a tshirt and bball shorts so I am counting my blessings! I also have some makeup and my jewelry was all in my carry on bag so the really important things (like pictures and journal and things like that) are still with me. Mexico is beautiful, from what I saw driving back from the airport at 3 in the morning and from what I have seen driving to the mission office this morning. My mission president is GREAT!!! He is an amazing man, very loving and very grateful to have me here helping spread the Gospel to his people. He told me I am going to be paired with a trainer who speaks NO english, so I AM EXCITED AND ALSO NERVOUS ABOUT THAT!!!!! I will givey ou more details when I get to actually email you, but this is just to tell you that I am safe and alive! He was impressed that you both served Spanish speaking missions also! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!!! MEXICO IS AMAZING ALREADY AND THE PEOPLE HAVE SO MUCH LOVE!!!! Keep my missing clothing bag in your prayers please hahaha and keep my mission president in your prayers while he is preparing everything for us and getting ready to send us to our new areas! I am 99.999999% sure that my pday will be Monday from now on, so be ready for a wicked long email in a week! This is amazing, the Church is true, count the small blessings!!!!
I love you so much!!!!! xoxoxoxoxoxoxox
Hermana Eliza Westergard

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