Monday, June 9, 2014

Rejectionnnnnnn, disgraceeeeee


SO. Title for this week is because contacting was a total bust. And I kept thinking of the song from Lion King 2 when they are singing about Kovu? I don’t know how to spell his name. But contacting was really rough this week. Lots of Catholics who do not want anything. We knocked on one door, the old woman answered, asked us if we adored the Virgin, and we said no haha because we do not. She just looks at us and says Pues, Adelante, which basically means “go away. Gracias!!”

I have been seeing SO MUCH Massachusetts gear EVERYWHERE. Red Sox, Cape Cod, Patriots, Notre Dame, it is like MA is haunting me. I see Mexicans wearing the stuff and just think YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHAT THAT MEANS TO ME!!!

Blessings this week!! Raquel, our investigator, just had her baby so she has not been drinking alcohol! Apparently she really realllyyyyyyy liked alcohol before she got pregnant, so it is a blessing that she has her baby! Now we just have to help her get married! She committed to live the word of wisdom! Now the law of chastity. One step at a time! We were really nervous for a lesson with Claudia and her husband this week too. They are not married either, and Claudia needs to be married to be baptized. We were not sure how her husband was going to feel about all of this, but Hermana M and I were praying the whole day for the lesson to go well. IT WENT PERFECTLY!!! He wants to be baptized with Claudia! We left their apartment and just looked at each other and started laughing hahahah we could not believe it had gone so well!! Miracles happen every day! We also watched the Restoration movie with Claudia, and she loved it. CLAUDIA IS JUST PERFECT! I get so excited every time we go to teach her because I know it is going to be an amazing lesson with lots of love and Spirit. Our old mission President visited my ward on Sunday! We do not know why, but it was a relief to see him. We all miss Presidente Lopez.

We have another investigator, Juan, who wants to be baptized in a river. He keeps going on and on about the energy and power of the water. He is kind of a hippie, but he has good questions and is really interested too. I do not know if we can help his dream come true, but we will see what we can do. 

I had Dominos pizza this week!!!!!  That was a deja vu American experience. LOVE PIZZA!
I had a coconut and pineapple tamale this week. DELICIOUS. I am working on gathering the recipes of the foods I like. I plan to open a restaurant in Provo, and I think I will be very successful with the business of all the RMs who served in Mexico and miss their tortillas and tacos and tamales and chile.

This week there was TONS and TONS of rain too. It is hurricane season, and we get the rains and hail. I am so grateful for my rain-boots and umbrella and raincoat! Sososososo grateful. I usually stay mostly dry, except when taxi drivers purposefully swerve out of their way to hit the puddle just right so we get sprayed with water. I try to have good feelings and be missionary like, but when we are dripping with gross street water, we get a little mad for like 2 seconds and then start cracking up hahahaha. A mission is fun! I would never have these experiences anywhere else!

I got a ton of letters and packages this week!!!! THANK YOU EVERYONE FOR THE LOVE!!! It was honestly better than Christmas!! Christie, Nana Carol, Kelly, Jenn, Mom and Dad, Matthew, THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! YOU MADE MY WEEK!!!!!! The package that my family sent me in early March finally got here! There is a big stamp on it that says Missent To Jamaica. I do not know how that happens, but it is a miracle that it made it here!

I love you all!!!! Thank you for your love and prayers!

Love, Hermana Westergard

hehehe peeking through the windows one day, we saw that one of our investigadors had this on their table!!!

FINALLY GOT A PACKAGE that was missent to Jamaica

LETTERS!!!!!! :):):) 


in the family of avacado but different


 on my roof this morning!!

(Two pictures I missed last week.)


Doing what Minions do (Mexicans are obsessed with minions and Zumba)

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