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So the World Cup started! Lots of green here in Mexico. The streets are deserted basically during the times that the games are on, so Mexico is semi-quiet for a change. Kind of strange actually.

We had a Noche de Hogar this week with some less active members. Noche de Hogar is Family Home Evening, we have a short message and then we play games and have a little treat or something after. These members were having a blast!!! I did not think that they would love the games, or even have fun, but it was like watching little kids at Disney World! These less active members went to the ward Noche de Hogar we had later on in the week AND they went to church on Sunday too!!! I really like Noches de Hogar, because they help people realize that we are normal too! We do not just go to church for 3 hours on Sunday, we also have activities with food. If food is involved, there is alway guaranteed to be an awesome turnout!

Something I realized this week was that as much as I am looking for people to teach and help baptize, the members also have a great need for us. I did not realize that the little girls in the ward look up to us so much! When we visit members, their families share everything they can with us. Kids drag out their artwork, everyone runs to get their Books of Mormon, they turn off the TV and are eyes and ears to everything we have to say. Seeing this makes me want to try even more to be the best I can be, to live up to the expectations of the members and of myself!

Investigators: Saul - he is a single dad with 2 kinds. I admire him a lot. Every time we teach him, he is SO interested and the Spirit is really strong. We finished all of the first lesson with him, and we watched a movie about Joseph Smith. The movie never gets old! Every time I watch is I get goosebumps and I KNOW that Joseph Smith was a true prophet of God! Saul was really impressed by the movie too. When investigators see the trials and hardships that Joseph Smith and the early members of the church went though, I think they are taken aback. Especially because it is the United States. I am really grateful for powerful church movies! I feel like what I cannot get across in Spanish is filled in with the movie. Claudia!!!!!! I LOVE HER!!!! We met with her this week and she was bawling. She said her husband does not want to get married, because he feels really pressured and he said the only reason she wants to get baptized is to get him to marry her. NOT TRUE!!!!!! I can see them in the temple! He went to church yesterday though and got to see a baptism too, and I think he really liked them both! We are visiting them tonight, so FINGERS CROSSED!!!

I went on divisions this week with my Sister Training Leader, Hermana P. We had interviews with presidente before, and we were all sitting around waiting. As I was sitting and listening, I realized she was talking to an elder in ENGLISH!!! She grew up right on the boarder of Mexico and Texas, so she is fluent in both! It was a weird day hahahaha we spoke english and spanish but my brain kept switching to spanish! I guess that is a good thing! We ate lunch at a Chinese buffet. XALAPA IS SO DIFFERENT THAN PAPANTLA! I did not try the sushi though hahaha I do not trust sushi in Mexico.

A humbling experience for me this week was when we were talking with a recent convert, Jorge. He is still having trouble not drinking coffee, se we made a deal with him. Hna M and I love the dulce pan (sweet bread) of Mexico, we are always buying it. WE LOVE IT! But, we said we would give up the pan if he gave up the coffee. And if one of us caves, we need to buy the others tacos. When people are investigating the church, they are changing their lives! It is hard for us not to eat the bread that we love, I cannot imagine what it must be like for other things. So far, we are all staying strong and no tacos have been bought.

I am trying to work on just loving people. Love love love. I know that love is the most important thing in this work! If I have love, my testimony will grow and others will feel that I am being genuine and sincere. LOVE IS KEY. Working on it!

Funny things: While contacting, Hna M asked people if they wanted to learn more about Jesus Christ. Response: NO. Okay!! Have a nice day! Another thing, I was commenting to Hna M about this old lady in the house where we ate lunch. She could not understand me. So I asked my companion, Why couldn't she understand me? My comp was expecting me to say something after about my accent or something or other, but I said, Well I could't understand her either....because I couldn't! Well my comp wasn't expecting that and spewed the water she had been drinking all over me hahahahaha. I was soaked!

ALSO. I love my companion!! We get along really well, she is super cool and we have so much fun together!! She speaks really fast though, I usually have to ask her to repeat almost everything she says.

I love you all!!!! Thank you for your support! I am sorry I cannot respond to everyone, but I try to get back to everyone eventually!! ALSO I got more letters this week! One from the US (thank you Marissa!!!!), one from Italy and one from Tawain

Love, Hermana Westergard

my lovely tan and wall decorations

members: if you look closely you can see that his hat is from the New Engand Aquarium!!!

Feliz Dia de los Padres! (Happy Father's Day!)

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