Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Best Week Ever...to date!


WELL GUESS WHAT!!!!! I had my first baptism on Sunday! Well my first 3 to be exact! Saul and his sons Irvin and Saul Jr. Things were all over the place with them this week, it was like a 180 degree change. We went from teaching the Word of Wisdom to Irvin on Tuesday to making goals with him and his dad to stop drinking and how they could avoid bad situations to their baptism on  Sunday! IT WAS SO SPECIAL AND SO AMAZING. I felt a joy that I have never felt before, I cannot describe it. My heart was basically exploding out of my chest the whole day!! The poor guys, the water was freezing! The dad was baptized no problem, Irvin had to be baptized three times because his legs flew up the first 2 times! And then little Irvin! He was so nervous! We all heard him talking to the Elder while he was walking into the water, rambling on and on because that is was 10 year olds do! BUT his hair did not go all the way under the first time! When he realized that he needed top be baptized again, he kind of squealed out "otra vez?!?!!?", meaning "another time?!?!?!" He was so cold! My heart was melting though!!!! Afterward, he was talking to my companion and said "Sentí bonito", meaning "I felt good", with his little gordito face all scrunched up in happiness. MY HEART IS STILL MELTING!!!! I am still so happy, and I am so happy I had the chance to meet this family and help them make covenants that can help them be together forever!! Life is bliss and joy right now!!!! I really cannot describe it

Oh, last week we went to the waterfalls in Xico.
The street we live on was finally finished! No more construction!
Ate french fries with piña and queso de hebra, DELICIOUS
Another kid asked me if I was pregnant this week....I guess that means no more delicious french fries with yummy toppings.
Apparently it is pretty common here for people to have visions and think they have seen Jesus Christ and God. I do not know what to think when they are telling me all this stuff...but if it works for them that is great!
We had practives in zone class this week, and since we had 6 investigators in church, we had to practice inviting someone to church in front of everyone!!!! I HATE BEING IN FRONT OF PEOPLE!!! But everyone said we did really good, and they loved our scriptures and were asking us what our secrets were after! I guess we did OK!


Yolanda and Rosalba: Yolanda cracks me up. She refers to her husband as criatura, meaning creature hahaha they do not have the best relationship. She also referred to him as a fréjol,  or a bean, that she is bored of. Meaning she does not want to get married to him. This is a problem. But they love listening to us and know the things we are teaching are true!

Monse: she is 14, she has family members who are LDS and she is kind of timid. But she went to church with us, LOVED it, and we taught her all the commandments! She wants to go to the activities and is reading everything we give her to read in the Book of Mormon!!

Yussy: we have now taught her everything, but she is still lying to us! The solution is so simple! If she would just tell us she is not married, we could change that in a jiffy! The ball is still in her court. Still love her though!!!!

This week, Hermana Q and I are working on having LOTS of Faith. ANYTHING is possible with faith! I know that! Anything and everything!!!!! We are trying to NOT doubt, only believe and think the best of everything. It is hard, but I can already see miracles happening in my life!

I love this church! I love being a missionary! I love my Savior and I know we have a loving Heavenly Father!
Love you all SOOO much!!
Hermana Westergard

the elders who baptized them!

 we ate at Chiles...it was a very memorable P-Day


Irvin and Saul and Saul Jr.

 happy family!!!! my heart melts with this picture

Charlie's Angels (my idea)

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