Monday, August 4, 2014

possibly the end of the world


So, I have concluded that the end of the world is coming for a couple of reasons. 1) there was an earthquake this week, it was like a 6.3ish I think. 2) I received more than 120 bug bites in 2 days. SOOO yes, I think and feel like the world is coming to an end. The earthquake or temblor was in the morning, around 5:30, I thought my companion was shaking my bed to wake me up, but I was SO tired so I did not say anything to her saying HERMANA, HERMANA. I was thinking I still had an hour left to sleep and I was NOT going to miss out on it hahaha but finally I responded, and she told me there was a temblor. Half out of it, she told me I responded, wowwwwwww, and that was the end of it. SO I DO NOT KNOW IF I ACTUALLY FELT IT OR NOT. Regardless, I have now lived through an earthquake! Now for the bug bites, I do not know if I will survive through these. We went to have a lesson with one of our male investigators, we cannot teach him in his house, so we went to this SEEMINGLY pretty little park. WRONG. I was wearing a long skirt, so I did not think I needed to put on bug spray in the morning, trying to conserve it. Bad bad bad bad idea. Within a minute, we were being attacked and we somehow survived in the forest of the devil for an hour teaching the lesson, and then I BOOKED it out of the woods, running like a maniac to escape the little, black, evil twin of the mosquito bugs. AAHHHHH. My legs are itching as I am writing this. I am learning the hard way the lesson of self control.

Random things from this week:
I LOVE LOVE LOVE Rachel's and Molly's emails!!!!

Hermana Q and I ate 15 tacos al pastor..each.....I need not say more.

Found a large green caterpillar in my vegetables at lunch one day...I did my best to subtly slide it into my napkin without the member seeing....and then proceeded to eat the rest of the now bug-free food.

Our boiler is not working, so we had the guy who came to replace the tank of gas see what was wrong with it. When we ignite the gas, you only turn it on a LITTLE bit, and then once it has caught, you turn it up the rest of the way to catch everything else on fire. The poor man did not listen to me and turned the gas thing up ALL the way to try to ignite it. I told him at least 5 times!! Not listening to me though, I took about 5 cautious steps back and a couple of seconds later....BOOM. He goes flying back....very startled but still alive and not on fire thankfully. He looks at us and then at his arm and starts touching where his arm hair HAD been before. Then his hands moved to his face and touched where his eyelashes/part of his eyebrow had been before. POOR GUY! He should have listened to me! He told Hermana Q that his hair was all singed, but not wanting him to feel bad, Hermana Q said no! Your hair is all still there! Definitely was not all still there. But end of the story, the boiler still does not work so we are being accustomed to showering with the cold water. And we are all still alive! So Yay!!

I have concluded from my personal studies that we will have food in heaven because after Christ was resurrected, he ate fish and honeycomb with the disciples. VERY RELIEVED. I remember asking my dad when I was younger if we would have food in heaven.



Saul, Saul and Irving - Saul is difficult. We taught him the Word of Wisdom, set goals with him, and then called him later this week because he was not at his house for our appointment. He answered his phone, drunk. Not the best sign. BUT he walked to church by himself!!! We did not even call him or anything, we thought if he really wants this, he will take the initiative because up to that point, he was not really doing anything to change. But he showed up! I was in shock. So was my companion. We are going to see him this week so we will see!

Yolanda and Rosalba - Went to church also!!!! Taught them the Word of Wisdom and the Law of Chastity. Rosabla likes her coffee, and Yolandas husband is married to another woman, but they have been separated for 12 years and they obviously are not married. I know people do not change over night, and they are willing to make changes in their lives! We really have amazing investigators!!!

Samuel - we now know why he is so odd all the time. Turns out he was kidnapped a couple of years ago, for a year. It explains a lot. Still trying to figure him out and see if he really wants to listen to us or just wants to talk and hear more opinions about religion.

Raquel - her mother-in-law is coming this week, so we are trying to get her married ASAP!!!! We helped them move houses. Literally, we moved all their stuff from their apartment on the 3rd floor down the street to their new house. Many hands make light work!

Yussy and Aaron - so perfect. so perfect. has SUCH a strong testimony...BUT THEY ARE NOT MARRIED. We know, but they have not told us and they are currently weaving a large web to cover up the fact that they are not married. Hermana Q and I are waiting to see how they undig themselves from the hole they have made.

I SERIOUSLY LOVE MY INVESTIGATORS SO MUCH. I am SO grateful for my time to be here in Mexico, to get to know these people and help them try to change their lives for the better.

Thank you everyone for all your support and emails! I am sorry I cannot respond to everyone, but I try my best to get back to everyone eventually!! Remember to enjoy the small things in life! Like the stars. I really love the stars here in Mexico.

Love, Hermana Westergard

a few of my MANY bug bites

flags in the street on our way to Xico


artsy with timer 

Elder D!!!  

District picture 

I am a tree hugger

Foto de la zona Xalapa con Presidente


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