Tuesday, September 2, 2014


Buenas tardes! (Good Afternoon)

I honestly do not even know where to begin with this week. But I have seen the hand of the Lord in SO many different occasions!!! I feel SO loved, SO blessed, SO lucky to be here!!!!

Random things:

A kid asked me if I was a viejita.....or an OLD WOMAN....because my eyebrows are white. My eyebrows are not white! They are just really blonde and NO I am not an old woman. haahahah I did not know if he was talking to me at first because we were with an old lady, but then I realized it was directed at me. Ouch.

Ate mole enchiladas this week. I secretly love mole but I will never admit it to anyone here.

I think we almost got struck by lightning this week. We were walking, the sky was SUPER dark and the whole world was quiet. Really eerie. But we were walking and heard this snap, like an electrical socket or a whip or something and then everything was SO bright and then BOOOOOOOOMMMMMMM came the thunder. Hna Q and I looked at each other, kind of puzzled and then basically ran until we had something over our heads. Our hairs were standing on end and our hearts were going about a million miles per hour. Yep, the weather here is a little loco.

This week we are working on Diligence and Obedience. We also fasted this week for our investigators, because SO many of them are ready to be baptized!!!  They just need a little extra push! Being diligent while also being EXTREMELY hungry was really difficult....but we both maintained positive attitudes and we both have seen the blessings of being diligent and fasting! It is amazing to me when I can see the direct blessings of the things I am doing!!


Saul, Saul Jr and Irvin: Finally got confirmed! Little Saul still melts my heart with all his fat rolls and his excitement to go to Primary!! Saul is making huge strides too, and is trying every day to be a better dad and to take things more seriously! The Gospel makes miracles!!

Roosevelt - interesting man we met. He collects everything under the sun - skins, teeth, weird pictures. However, we can only visit him if we have someone else with us too!

Mara - member of the ward, left for the MTC this week! She went around with us one day to get used to the missionary life a little and we went to her farewell in the church. I cried saying my part to her, embarrassing because a girl called me out on turning wicked red. I cannot help it!

Lizbeth - really sweet 17 year old who works in a tienda (store). She does not know a lot about the Bible or anything, but thinks what we are teaching makes a lot of sense! She is really great! We are trying really hard to get her to church next week

Rafa (14), Pati and Ana(10) - family, their best friends are members and have gone to a ton of church things with them! The kids want to be baptized but their mom is a little less sure. She only rests on Wednesdays, so we are making plans to have an awesome lesson this week!!


Sunday was the biggest scramble ever! More scrambled than scrambled eggs. Our investigators, Rosalba, Yolanda and her son Eduardo, were planning to get baptized yesterday. The Elders went with us to their house on Saturday to do the interviews and kind of make them more excited, because they were having a lot of doubts. Y and R were both afraid of being baptized because they said if they were just going to sin again, then they were going to be more condemned if they were baptized. Both of the women were also feeling A LOT of guilt from things they had done in their past...they opened up to us and shared their burden. One of the major things we tried to emphasize is that with repentance and baptism, they can feel FREE from ALL of that weight! But I think to them, it sounded a little too good to be true. After their interviews though, Y and E were planning to get baptized yesterday and R this coming Sunday. They get to church and tell us that they still are not ready and it is better if they waited a little longer. Hna Q and I had just scrambled basically dragging Saul Jr and Irvin - tortillas and beans in their hands - to church so they could be confirmed. And then Y, R and E tell us this and its like a smack. We were SOSOSO excited for them and then they tell us no.

After this roller coaster of emotions in church, we tried doing some contacting and it went TERRIBLY. People were super rude and one man was just a huge grump and a closed door. He told us not to call him Hermano because we are not a part of his family and he only has 2 brothers. He also told us even if his wife was home (the person who we were trying to contact), that he would not let us into his house. He ALSO told us thank you very much for never coming to visit him again. OUCH OUCH OUCH.

THEN we get a call from our District Leader, and he tells us that we need to tell Y, R and E that they can be baptized that night. We felt like if we went and tried to tell them this, they would just feel super pressured and would close off even more. But the Elder told us this was not what he wanted, it was what the Lord wanted. Well, how can we deny that? I start praying in my head as we are speed walking to try to find a member who can go with us. It is always really good to have members because they can share their testimonies and add a new perspective in things. One thing leads to another and we end up at the house of the familia Bello Solís. They go with us and at first the lesson was SUPER awkward because none of us had planned for this! BUT THEN, it was all ok. It was one of the most spiritual lessons I have had my whole mission. I was crying, Hna Q was crying, the wife was crying and Yolanda was tearing up too. The Spirit was SO powerful and SO amazing. I believe I only felt a portion of the love that our Heavenly Father has for Y, R and E, and I could hardly speak because my heart was so full I thought it was going to explode. ULTIMATELY......Y and E were baptized last night at 8 and R is going to be baptized next week. This was truly a miracle. I KNOW that prayers are answered and that if we have REAL faith, ANYTHING is possible!!!!

I love you all!!!! I love being here! This church is SO true and it holds the keys to eternal happiness!!!

Love, Hermana Westergard

hahah the first step in the emergency sign in the church 

Yolanda and Eduardo got baptized!!! 

ran into some elders when we went grocery shopping

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