Monday, September 29, 2014

Raisin Toes

Happy Independence Day!!!!!!! from Mexico

Today is Mexico´s 4th of July! We have to be in our houses early today and cannot leave until 12 tomorrow because things are probably gonna get a little rowdy! But there are flags everywhere, pinwheels, and tons of red, white and green!

Raisin toes because this week there was SO much rain and my shoes were like little reservoirs of water for my feet. So gross to walk with the squishsquishsquish and the water is running down the streets from who knows where washing everything that was in the street into my shoes. Yum. No wonder they smell bad.

This week was a little rough. Hermana Q has been stressing a lot and has been really indecisive about things, so I feel like I have been leading us and am basically always making the ultimate decision. But there are 2 of us for a reason! Because we need to consult on things to decide what to do! Lots of appointments have been falling though and our plans always seem to go up in flames. We are companions though and need to figure out what to do together! It isn´t the group of Hermana Westergard!

This week was also interesting, everything just seemed like a little bit of a fiasco. Meeting interesting people, being told interesting things, stuff like that.

We were walking down the street and there was a strange old man was hobbling to a bus stop. I felt kind of bad for him, so I tell him Buenas Tardes (Good Afternoon) as we walk by. Then - slowly as a snail - his face all contorted, he turnnnnnssssss sssllloooowwwwwllllyyyyyy as he uses a pillar to help himself turn all the way around and yells GUERRAAAAAAAA (WAR). I did not quite know what to we just keep on walking but Hna Q could not contain herself and lost it laughing. hahahah it was really funny in the moment, more difficult to explain.

We were walking to another appointment and met an old lady struggling up a hill. We walked and talked with her a little, and she asked us to go with her to her house because she was scared to go by herself. Her husband drinks a lot. I do not know why exactly, but for some reason we went with her....and she lives down this little dark alley. Following behind Hna Q, I just start praying and praying in English in my head. I think it is the first time I have prayed in English on my mission.....but my heart was going a million miles per hour. Her husband was passed out and she starts running away and we run with her too! Never returning to that alley again! We want to help and comfort her...but I do not think that going to her house to protect her from her husband is the best idea.

I love being able to see that we are being guided by the Spirit!!! Sometimes when plans fail, other opportunities open up that we would not have had otherwise, if our original plans had followed through. Everything happens for a reason! I know I cannot always see right away what the reason is, but there is always a reason!

There was a Noche Mexicana (Mexican Night) in the stake center and there were HUNDREDS of people there. We all got tickets for food, and got to go around and fill our plates with all types of Mexican things! Empanadas, gorditas, enchiladas, tacos, tamales, the whole shebang. I also met the wife of my uncle´s mission companion who lives in Xalapa! Such a small world!

Some goals: be more efficient! We only have these hours in the day once! We need to make the best of them! Also, find friends for our converts so they will be more willing to go to church things and can stay active!


We had an interesting lesson with a Jehovah´s Witness, but Hna Q was totally prepared and the lesson was cordial and friendly! So grateful for Hna Q´s knowledge!

Some old investigators, Abi and Norma, went to church with us this week and loved it! We are going to continue working with them more!!! Super excited!!

I LOVE YOU ALL!!!! So grateful to be here!!!

Love, Hermana Westergard

ENORMOUS spider outside the church

 Familia Bello Soliz whom I LOVE 

walking into the distance lol 

fatfatfat baby and Raquel(an investigator)

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