Tuesday, December 30, 2014

11 months

11 months in the mission today....wow...I am an oldy!!! Ug, no sure how I feel about that

My new companion is Hermana Zuñiga from Costa Rica! She is celebrating 6 months in the mission tomorrow....so I really feel old!! Lets see, Hna Z is really quiet. Almost to the point of shy. She is SUPER neat and clean, I feel messy next to her! She does not say a whole lot...but when she does it is always very sweet and heartfelt. This will be different for me, because all of my other companions have pretty much opened up to me with no problem but I feel like I need to work a little harder with her! Willing to do it though! I also am doing the majority of the talking, and I have seen how far my Spanish has come! WHICH IS SUCH A GREAT FEELING!!!!!!! Realizing I have had the potential this whole time, but I was just letting my companions do the talking. WHAT A MISTAKE! Well now I am basically doing all the contacting so I am making up for lost time!

We worked so hard this week. Sosossoso hard and NADA. Ug. Weeks like this are not my favorite. When we feel like we are doing everything in our power and then the only thing that comes from trying to talk to everyone and contact referrals is getting chased by crazy men in a car. BUT missionaries have super blessings and are very protected so we are VERY grateful for that! We know something will come of all this walking and talking with people....we just need to wait for the moment when the fruits will show.

Some good things I was reminded of in the zone class this week.....we need to work on being more efficient and more effective with our time. We are only here once! WE CANNOT WASTE IT!!! We need to seek revelation specifically for our investigators, with specific studies and specific prayers. This little things seem so obvious, but are SO IMPORTANT!!! And it is easy to get caught up in the mission cycle...but NO! We need to remember the little things.

Since it is Christmas time, it is a really special time in the mission. Everyone feels a little more love, a little nicer, and a little more open to talk about Christ. I am so grateful for the opportunity that I have to be here, to serve at this time, and to get to know some of God`s children in Mexico. I have felt God`s love for the people here, and it is something I cannot describe. I love it, it fills me with happiness and gratitude to be here during this time. I want - with my whole hear - to help people find peace and happiness. I know they can find it! I know I have the message that can help them find it. It hurts when we are rejected, because I know I have something that can bless their lives. But regardless, I cannot describe how grateful I am to be able to serve as a missionary here in Xalapa. I know this church is true, and I know that if we remain faithful to the teachings of Jesus Christ, we can have eternal happiness. I know it!!

The 24th is going to be AWESOME!!!!!!!! We are going to make 600 tamales and atole and pan with the mission leader and then we are going to go to a hospital and hand them out Christmas Eve!!!! Totally feeling the Christmas Spirit! Our mission leader is the BEST!!!!

Started a little yoga in the mornings, thanks Ruth!

We had a great Christmas Conference with Presidente Greer and all the zones in Xalapa. We sang, had a Yankee swap type thing, and sang some more. It was so great! I love Christmas!!!

I am the only American hermana in the zone again. YAY!!!!!

Maria - going to England because her husband is sick. He stepped on a poisonous fish bone or something in Thailand and now cannot walk. Poor Maria. She has suffered so much in her life, more than anyone should ever need to suffer. She saw children dying from hunger when she was growing up. I cannot imagine living through that. She has recognized the hand of the Lord in her life and knows the church is true. When she gets back, she is determined to get baptized. I doubt I will be here to see it though :(

Valeria - so sweet and so smart! We taught her the Plan of Salvation and she had so many questions! I love when people have questions because it shows that they are really listening! She wants her dad to baptize her...which is problematic because her parents are separated, her dad does not go to church and possibly living with another woman...we are working on that.

Sixto - new investigator and dead investigator all in one week. We contacted him from a reference, and were super excited to teach him. Went back for another lesson, and after almost 2 hours of talking and lots of scriptures later, he told us with his own words that he knows he is lost and wants to remain lost and sin. OK. Why didn`t you tell us 2 hours earlier!!!!!

Carmen - We finished The Restoration with Carmen and her daughters and they have been reading and praying!! That kind of news is the best news a missionary can hear!!! BUT after an AMAZING lesson, her mom showed up for a surprise visit. Her mom is wicked Catholic, and during the closing prayer she walked out of the house......AH. Opposition in all things! AND they did not go to church this week because her daughter is sick and having some kind of allergic reaction. But from what we can tell, her mom did not deter her interests or desire to be baptized. They love us though! We asked them when we could visit again and Melani started jumping around screaming TOMORROWTOMORROWTOMORROW. So happy she feels the same way I do!!

Merry Christmas everyone!!!!!!!!! Enjoy this time with your families, appreciate them for who they are!

Love, Hermana Westergard

                         my crazy zone - Elders in front this time and us being macho in back haha


                                                        this dog sleeps in the weirdest ways

                                              Maria from England 

                                            part of my district at the Christmas Conference!

the district!!!!

 Hna Zuñiga and me

11 MONTHS!!!!!


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