Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Cambios temprano

We found out cambios last night! Hna H and I were both expecting for us to not have any changes...but wrong we were!! She is going to Martinez de la Torre and my new companion is Hermana Zuñiga....not quite sure how to spell her name and no one else here is either...it will be more accurate next week. I think she is from the Republica Dominicana?  She was supposed to be my companion for the cambio where I broke my foot but stayed in Olivo. SO obviously in one way or another, God wants us to be companions!

This week seemed like a break after everything we went though last week. It was like harvesting the seeds that we had planted. We found 9 new investigators, and people WANT to talk to us. The blessings always come, but in the Lords time.

Random thoughts:
Another person called me gigante.....gracias
I GOT MY CHRISTMAS PACKAGE!!!!! SO HAPPY!!!!! THANK YOU MOMMA!!!!!! :) Our tree now has lights and decorations - thanks to the members who feel bad for us and give us their extra ornaments. It is a beautiful tree though!!! Definitely feeling the spirit of Christmas!!!!
Maria took us to a restaurant on Tuesday.  The food was AMAZING. The steak was so soft your could cut it with a fork. Like wow. I forgot what it was like to eat meat like that..usually I am chewing for like 2 mins for each bite...I had just gotten used to that. But wow. My mind was blown by this place. Cheese fondue, Creme Brulee, the whole 9 yards. She loves us a lot! She still has not gone to church with us though because she is so old and sick and her bones cannot really handle the cold. But she wants to! I am so torn about what to do with her. She says that this year was really bad, but she knows that 2015 will be better and that is when she will start. I hope so! We also went to visit her another day and she went on a rant of showing us videos of moonwalking birds on youtube.....the poor woman it is what she does in her spare time. We tried telling her we are not supposed to watch videos, but she was very determined to show us these videos. If you wanna check out the videos....they are actually pretty cool hahaha Bird Dancing like Michael Jackson and Worlds smartest birdy with the Rechie Regodon.

We had our last district class this week and did a self evaluation of Christlike attributes. Then after we had a testimony meeting. I LOVE MY DISTRICT SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!! I learned a lot from each of the missionaries, and each one of them were a crucial part. I am gonna miss them. Something Elder Trimble said in the comida one time with us was ´Este es el mejor destrito que jamas he tenido en la mision´. I AGREE.

Ate a torta bigger than my hand. I surprised myself that I could finish it.

We did divisions this week. I went with Hna Duran in my area. I always dread divisions going into it because everyone is used to their companions, but I always end up learning so much and having a great time!!!!! With Hna Duran, I talked a TON more and initiated basically everything. Sometimes I fall into a cycle with my companions, they always kind of start things because Spanish is their first language. But something I realized....I CAN DO IT TOO!!! It is always a little nerve wracking, but I can do it!! I have lots of spiritual powerful stuff to say too!! YES. ADELANTE! Will initiate more!
A member told me that when I was giving my talk in church like 2 weeks ago, that the only thing I was missing was a pair of angel wings behind me. AAAWWWWWW :):):):):)
This week was the birthday of the Virgen Guadalupe. Me cae MAL. TONS of cuetes....which is like the explosion of the firework without the pretiness. And parades and cars all decorated with the Virgen and balloons and streamers and all sorts of stuff. The circles under our eyes are much deeper now. Thankfully, I will not be here for her next birthday

Carmen - SHE IS THE CHOSEN WOMAN!!!! We have a goal to have a bautimision in the week 4 - 11 of January. And she is IT. She is a single mom, with 2 girls - Melani and Erica. She has a lot on her plate, and I have already seen how the gospel has helped her be a little more calm, a little more patient, a little more.... a lot of good things. And she does not work Sundays!!!!! We are so blessed! We contacted her at a Christmas activity in the church, and we hit it off right away!

Ivanna - Got confirmed on Sunday and was in the Primary Presentation. :) so happy

Camilo and Lorena - Camilo was also in the primary program and he knew his part and all the songs and actions and everything!!! My heart was glowing. BUT Lorena is.......she has a lot of problems. And she is putting things in his mind....and neither of them want to be baptized now :(. We tried talking with Lorena, I have literally poured everything I have in my heart into teaching her...and she is still being stubborn. I started bawling, I have never really felt that before in the mission. But I was just so sad. I did everything I could...but it still was not enough. I love those 2 kids so much. More than I can describe.

Valeria - a miracle child! Through blessed and inspired planning, we found her in her house finally! And her mom! Who is never there and works 6 to 12 AM. It was amazing how guided we were by the Spirit. She can be baptized next Sunday!

Love you!
Hermana Westergard
Norma went to the temple!!!!
CAMILO my gordito
 restaurant with Maria!!

the most enormous torta I have eaten
we made an enormous breakfast of french toast for the district!!( Elder Trimble, Teos, McGlinchy and Camacho)
Moroni and Hna Hidalgo

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