Saturday, July 26, 2014

6 meses mañana wut


SO TOMORROW I CELEBRATE 6 MONTHS IN MY MISSION. I honestly feel so strange saying that. I do not know how to think about it, i am 1/3 of the way done with my mission. AH. NO. I LOVE MEXICO.

This week we had interviews with the new mission president! Presidente Greer, HE IS SO AMAZING. Literally so so so so so awesome. He loves us, he lets us know that he is here for us, that we have a divine potential and that WE CAN DO IT. He is just awesome! My words do not do him justice. Something funny he told me, is that EVERYONE in Mexico wants to talk to me. We need to ask people for references to teach people, since we are not allowed to knock doors. But, he told me that if I asked someone if they knew anyone who would like to talk to us, he said EVERYONE and ALL their friends want to talk to you......hmmmmmm going to work to use this to my advantage. It is still hard to talk to everyone though! I am worried about my Spanish, what they will think of me, all kinds of things like that. But I know I should not and cannot worry about that! I only have 12 months left! I do not want to end my mission, thinking about all the people I was too scared to open up my mouth to talk to. I also got the General Conference Ensign and a Liahona (church magazines)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THEY ARE SO GREAT!!!! I love them!!! I highly encourage anyone who has not read the April 2014 General Conference Ensign to do so now! And it is in English, that may be another reason for my love for it hahaha.

We had a hottish day here this week, the hottish day here was like a mild day in Papantla. BUT, I was still sweating tons!! I am really SO blessed to be here in Xalapa during the summer months, I cannot imagine how Poza Rica or Papantla are right now if I feel hot in Xalapa.

Hermana Cirila is a little old lady convert who we had lunch with this week, and my heart melted out of love for her. She is so sweet, so loving, so pure. I love her!!! It was the first time I met her, but she has my heart. I felt like she needed something, so after the meal I asked if there was anything we could do for her. She asked us, if it wasn't too much trouble, if we could read a story or 2 from the scriptures since she cannot read. I WOULD HAVE GLADLY READ THE WHOLE BIBLE AND BOOK OF MORMON TO HER if time was permitting!!!

My district is slowly shrinking. Elder B - our district leader - finished his mission, and Elder T  keeps getting sick so he is going back to the US so they can find out what is wrong with him. Now, I am the only American left. AH. 


Aaron and Yussi: Aaron is a less active member, and Yussi is AMAZING. She is basically a chosen person. She told us that she gets a lot of her answers in dreams, and that she had a dream about her family, and she felt like there was something bigger and better for them, meaning she knows that the things we are teaching are true!!!! She has another daughter who was kidnapped by the man she was with before her husband :(. I never quite know how to respond when the investigators tell me things like that. They sell cheese though, and they told us they are going to close the store on Sundays so they can go to church!

Samuel: interesting as always. He seems to enjoy talking to me a lot through the crack in his door, but he is coming to church and he said next week he is going to stay for 2 hours. Baby steps!

Claudia: we did not see her at all this week! AH!! Her brother was visiting so they were doing a lot of stuff with him....they also baptized Mateo (her baby) in the Catholic church this weekend, I do not know how much say she had in it though.

Rosalba and Yolanda: Sisters, lived in the US for a while and while they were there, missionaries baptized their brothers! They are super interested and feed off of each other's laughte and happiness for life, reminds me of me and my sisters!!

Raquel: Trying to help her get married still! Raquel is all for it, we are waiting for Alejandro (her husband) to finally say YES, lets do this!

Daniella and Maria Jose: They were not around all week, but they came to church and are making tons of friends! They fit in the church like a missing piece in a puzzle, I love them so much! I have such amazing investigators!

I love you all! This work is amazing and I am so blessed to have the chance to share the message of this gospel with the people of Mexico!

Love, Hermana Westergard

found my twin on the cover of a church magazine! (but a little less fat)

basically it was the week of gorgeous clouds and skies

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