Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Borrego soup


So this week kind of seemed like a blur, the days seem to blend together. I am feeling pretty tired, the mission might be catching up with me! So Borrego is goat. And I ate a lovely soup this week with the borrego. When I say borrego, I mean the WHOLE borrego. People in Mexico use basically every part of the animals when they cook, organs and all. Yum yum! After I ate the soup, the investigator told me what was in it. It included the following: liver, pancreas, stomach, bladder, lungs. throat and lungs. AND I ATE IT. I am proud of the people in Mexico for being so frugal and utilizing all parts of the animals. I am also glad that I grew up in the United States!

Investigators: Claudia still is not married!!!!!! LSDKFJLSDKFJSLDGJHSDLKFJSDLKFJ. She is working a lot, her boyfriend works late and she works early. We need to find a time where they can both get to the building to get married. This is our project for this week. IT CAN BE DONE. IT WILL BE DONE. We are teaching one of Claudia's friends now too though! His name is Manuel, he works as a clown. He is kind of timid, but he is really interested and has come to activities at the church before! No one came to church this week either. A lot of investigators were out of town, Mexico was playing in the World Cup, sacrament meeting was noticeably more empty hahahaha. We had an AMAZING lesson with one of the youth in the ward and his friend. William - the youth - has such a strong testimony and his spirit was so powerful. I hope that my testimony has the same impact on people that his had on me! William is going to be an amazing missionary! We contacted a family this week: the dad cannot read, their son is really sick, their 15 year old just had a baby a month ago, and her husband works painting 20 story buildings. BUT THEY ARE ALL STILL SO HAPPY!!!! It is hard for me to see teenagers so young with children. I feel like they are still kids themselves, but they already have the responsibility of a family. We have not met the mom yet, but apparently she is very Catholic. We get the feeling that what she says in the family goes, so we are hoping to have an AMAZING lesson with her this week!! 

We visited a less active family this week, Carlos and Eufemia. On the outside, they look fine, but after we were talking to them, we realized that they had nothing, They shared the weight of the world they were feeling with us, and I felt like I was carrying 999,999 pounds when we left their house. She is really sick, there is not much work around for anyone, the situation is just really dire. It is hard for me when I think about the privileged life I have had, that I have never worried like they are, that I have never gone without, and this poor couple is struggling to make soup day to day. It is really hard when I realize how different my situation is than these people. It is very humbling.

Funny things: We contacted a woman names Rosa. We asked her who she lived with and she told us she was along, very very alone. Just herself, her soul, God and her Virgin. I guess she is not so alone after all! She was doing this weird thing with her hands, we could not tell if she was praising us, shooing us away or praying. Contacting another time, we encountered the references daughter and very drunk husband. He asked us if we wanted to read the Bible with him on his front porch was was going on and on about how he was very Catholic. We decided we should probably leave, so we were saying bye to the daughter and the husband butts in to say goodbye also. Shaking my hand, and very drunkenly he says "You are very pretty". I was not expecting it at all, turned SO red and stumbled out something incomprehensible in spanglish and walked away as fast as I could. Red hair, red face. UG

Good news: We have a new friend who owns a taqueria! He gives us free tacos al pastor! I LOVE TACOS AL PASTOR! Ive got friends in HIGH placessssss.

Interesting news: We had lunch with a member yesterday, her son served in the same mission as dad! Concepcion, Chile! AND he served with the husband of one of my roommates, Bre!!!!! JEFF MOSS IF YOU READ THIS do you know Fransisco Conteras? He remembers you!!!

I love you all! Thank you for your support!!!!

Love, Hermana Westergard


tacos al pastor with limon and salsaaaaa


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