Monday, July 28, 2014

Let us Cheerfully do All Things

The Subject this week is a quote from President Uchtdorf that basically has been the theme of my week! I LOVE PRESIDENT UCHTDORF, and I have been working really hard to be genuinely cheerful and happy. Easier said than done, but I feel myself being happier in general! It is something that all of my companions have said about me, that I am a really happy person. I do not feel exceptionally happy all the time, but I rarely get I guess that makes me a really happy person!
This week I celebrated 6 months in the mission! Hermana Q made me french toast with Nutella, basically you could not ask for a better companion! She has such a strong testimony and so much love for the people here. She is SO great!!! Another reason she is so great, she killed this massive spider that almost attacked me (see attached picture). This spider was one of the real ones! Not a wimpy daddy long leg, like a legit spider. I was turning off the lights downstairs because we were going to bed and looked up for some reason and saw this TERRIFYING insect. I know spiders are not insects but I cannot remember the name of what they are right now. I called Hermana Q down to see it, and I was getting ready to squish it on the ceiling with a dust pan and PLOP it falls just as I smash the dust pan into the ceiling. I scream like I am being murdered, throw the dustpan like a nonprofessional baseball player throws the bat after they hit the ball, and scream some more. The courageous Hermana Q has another broom and starts lunging after the spider and finally kills it as I am screeching MATALO, kill it in Spanish. hahahahaha we must have looked so ridiculous BUT it was terrifying!!!!
I met one of my Uncle Luke´s mission companion this week when I was on exchanges!!! This world is so small!
I spoke at Zone class this week on humility, they called me at 10:30 the night before. It was ironic because it was a humbling experience haha, I was the only non-fluent spanish speaker giving a talk, so obviously my spanish was not up to par with the other speakers. BUT I think everyone got the general point of my message! Being humble is so important, when we truly realize that we cannot do anything solely by ourselves, we are on the right path. So, let us all be humble!
Hermana Q gets really down on herself sometimes when we do not have new investigators every day. I try to help her see that if she is improving the life of at least 1 person during the day, then she is doing an AMAZING job. I do not know if she entirely believes me or not, but she really is a great missionary!!!! So grateful to have her as my companion!
Maria Jose and Daniela: Still so great! Daniela has been sick so we have not been able to teach her, but her mom has so many questions and is buying skirts to wear to church! They are thinking about who they want to baptize them, we are all VERY EXCITED :)
Claudia: officially is not getting marred until December, but still goes to church and the activities. I will not be here for her baptism :( but she is truly converted. I LOVE HER. Really sad I will not be here to see her get baptized
Adriana: sister of another investigator. She has 4 kids, all from different dads, just had a baby 1 month ago, she does not work and does not live with anyone. I do not understand her situation entirely...still working on it.  But she loves listening to us!! I think it is a bit of a break for her, her kids are all very demanding. We passed by for her on Sunday to go to church, but no one answered the door. We opened up their window a little, and I could see her kids. Tried to get them to come over to talk to us, but they ignored me or were more focused on something else. Still confused....gonna try to understand more this week. She is a sweet, loving person, and I can feel how badly she wants to do the right things for her kids.
Yolanda and Rosalba. Yolanda is AMAZING. She is spunky, and does not let anyone tell her what to do. We watched the Restoration movie with them, and I ended up bawling my eyes out after when I was sharing my testimony. Embarrassing, but effective hahaha I saw tears in both of their eyes!! It was a really special moment!!! AND THEN, the next day she told us that her `husband` was bashing us when she was trying to explain about the church. He told her that she had to chose him or the church, and she told HIM not to make her chose because he would come out losing. HOW GREAT IS SHE!!!! AND the day after we watched the movie, we showed up and she told us she had read the whole pamphlet we gave her and has been saying her prayers. I really feel like the movie/emotional testimony was a turning point for her. Rosalba is less assertive, she kind of takes the place of little sister, but she listens to us too. We will see where things go!
Yussi: SHE CAME TO CHURCH YAYYYYYYY AND SHE LOVEDDDD ITTTTTTTTTTT. Her husband is talking to the bishop because he wants to baptize her! Yussi is so special, so loving, so ready! We have SUCH GREAT investigators. SO blessed to be here!!
I love you ALL!!!!! Thank you for your support and your prayers, really, I know I would not feel how I do here without them!
Hermana Westergard
spider with red eye yayyyyyy

happy 6 months french toast!


dead cat I think

my new agenda!

that mountain in the back has snow!!

Hermana Q y yo

bird and snake museum on top of Macuiltepe


Elder who like to photobomb

 our district!!! 


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