Thursday, October 2, 2014

A little bit late


Sorry this is a little late! Presidente said we could email a little more today since our p-day was all messed up thanks to me! The day was literally a fiasco. I was supposed to be transferred to Martinez de la Torre, but then we were speed-walking back to our house and I do not know HOW but my foot twisted and I heard a POP. Hna Q heard it too and looked at me and asked me - with a hopeful tone in her voice - if it was my shoe. Nope, definitely not my shoe hahaha I looked down and saw this growing bulge in the side of my foot. I thought to myself - well that is not normal - but I did not want to make a big deal about it so I tried to continue walking. That did not go too well, and we ended up taking a taxi back to the house and then went and met Hna Greer at the hospital. I can barely understand hospitals in English, and in Spanish hahaha LESS. All in all, I fractured my foot and I need to go back every 2 weeks for x-rays and to see how it is healing. SO I do not know how much longer I will be in Xalapa, but here till further notice. Side armpits are totally bruised. Our bathroom is upstairs in the house, I re-think 5 times if I REALLY need to use it or can wait, because climbing those stairs is like fear factor every time. BUT STILL ALIVE AND IN ONE PIECE! :)

This week:

I made tortillas by hand! They ended up being really ugly and all folded over....I guess I need more practice.

I started my recipe quest!!! I am slowly accumulating the delicious recipes of Mexico. hehehe

We had divisions on Friday with the sister training leader. I never want divisions, because I am used to my companion...but I always end up learning so much!!!! I was with Hna M from Honduras and she is SO great. She had some type of virus and is decently sick, but we still went out to work. She is super bold and confident, and not afraid to talk in any situation! They do not have a lot of progressing investigators, so we tried a lot of contacting and finding new people. It was not super successful, but I tried to keep a good attitude! She asked my how I was always so happy all the time....I told her I just try to look for the little things in life that I love! Like the stars. She said she was going to try to do that too.

I am finally starting to get along a little bit better with the ward mission leader! But, Sunday he was trying to get my attention, and sometimes in Mexico when people want your attention they splurt out whatever phrase they know in English. His phrase was "Come on Baby" with a wiggle of his finger. I turned so red and my mouth dropped. I WAS NEVER EVER EXPECTING TO HEAR THAT COME FROM HIS MOUTH EVER. But I am trying not to let that affect our progress.

General Women´s Conference was SO GREAT!!! I love temples. I love seeing them, thinking about them, hearing about them. I love it all!! I loved President Uchdorft´s quote "He loves you today and always." I know that is true! Our Heavenly Father loves us no matter the circumstance. We must never forget that!!


Abi and Norma: They are reading and praying about the Book of Mormon! They have felt it is true!!! BEST FEELINGS EVER when people do the things we invite them to do, because it really works!

Ituriel: He and his little sister went to church with us on Sunday! He also has been reading and praying about the Book of Mormon and HE ALSO KNOWS THESE THINGS ARE TRUE!!!! When he told us - same as Abi and Norma - I basically did a little jig in my seat. SO HAPPY when people feel for themselves that they have gotten an answer!!

Guadalupe: We recommitted her to baptism and she is going to come to church with us next week! She was never baptized, and wants to know for certain that these things are true. We need to animate her a lot, but she has a real desire to know the truth!

I love you all! Happy to be here in Mexico and I am so blessed to be here in this ward, because the members are GREAT. They help us so much and love us a ton.

Love, Hermana Westergard

what we thought would be the last district class picture

 bistec Mexicana - yes i do have the recepie hehehe  

a bear that somehow shows up in all places in our apartment

with Raquel and her sister Liz

 da foot 

the elders brought us tacos because we can´t leave...very nice of them!!

more bear hahaha


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