Monday, October 6, 2014

Week 1 as a cripple

Buenas tardes todos!!

Turns out that criple is not the word for cripple in spanish....but I have made it a word with Hermana Q and it is now a part of our spanglish dictionary...YAY!!

Some random things that I forgot from last week...
When it rains here - as I have said before - the streets turn to rivers. And the huge busses and taxis seem to make it a game to spray the innocent sister missionaries in skirts. Well we were walking to the comida one day and I was doing my best to avoid the massive puddles that sink down to who knows where. All of a sudden, I hear Hna Q start screaming random things that I cannot really understand, and I look up and see this massive bus careening towards us, with every intention to spray us with disgusting water. I was currently drinking water, but I let out this gurgled scream - somehow managing not to drop all the water in my mouth - and we start speed-walking/slipping/sliding to get around a corner for protection as fast as we can. AND WE MADE IT! Definitely was not the best day to wear a white skirt. Blessings are blessings, no matter how small. And that little corner was an enormous blessing.

I told someone that I was a black belt in karate. I do not remember who...but now it seems like EVERYONE knows.  And the elders are always asking me if I fought before the mission. NO I did not fight people and I quit karate when I was 14 hahaha so I hardly remember anything. But apparently it is still a really cool thing.

So life as a cripple:
I got to use an electric wheelchair when we went to Walmart to get groceries!!!! Initially it was really fun and I thought it was cool until I realized that it made this BEEPBEEPBEEP sound when I backed up. Nope, not cool anymore.

Showering is a workout. It is like intense yoga, balancing on a slippery floor while trying to keep water from running into the cast at the same time.

The members here are so amazing. I really am convinced that I am in the best ward in the whole mission. O. definitely has my heart! The hermanas have been able to bring the comida to our house every day, and we have been able to find people to do divisions with me and Hermana Q every day!!! So our area is not suffering!!! It is kind of hard for me though, because Hermana Q tells me about all the stories from when she is teaching and I MISS IT!!! Cannot wait to get back out there in the streets!!! I go with Hermana F every day, and she has 3 daughters - 12, 7 and 4. I have made about 100 fortune tellers and have had my fortune told about 6 million times....but they love them and I figure I might as well put my limited origami skills to good use.

Norma - SHE WENT TO GENERAL CONFERENCE AND LOVED IT!!!! Hna Q was teaching her this week, and she told her that she had prayed and knew the Book of Mormon was true! She told us that she would go with us to conference, even if her sister did not. And she did! It is amazing this change I have seen in Norma. I remember the first time I saw her, I was companions with Hna M, and she told me that Norma did not want anything. And now, she is reading the Book of Mormon every day and is getting ready to get baptized on Sunday! Proof that it may not be someone´s time in the moment, but it does not mean that it will never be their time! I love Norma!

I have realized something that I have needed to learn here in the mission is patience. Now, more than ever, I need to take things SUPER slow. I never would have thought that I needed more patience with myself! But amen, it is true. I am noticing the little things again, the small blessings and remembering the small yet CRUCIAL reasons that I decided to serve a mission. This foot broke for something, now I just need to find what that something is.

I FINISHED DOCTRINE AND COVENANTS!!!!! FINALLY!!! I was kind of losing focus after reading for 3 hours, so I started reading out loud and it was SO POWERFUL! Yes, I cried sitting alone at my desk. It is beautifully written, and there is so much for us in the words! Especially sections 122 and 123. Absolutely golden. Another thing that was really powerful was a part that says that Hyrum Smith was recognized by the Lord for the integrity of his heart. How powerful is that? I want to be like Hyrum Smith. Now I am on to Jesus the Christ.

General Conference was spectacular also!!!!!!! My favorite talks were from Elder Holland in the Saturday afternoon session and Elder Bednar in the Sunday Afternoon session. I always love Holland because I feel like he is talking directly to ME from his heart. I know we have a responsibility to help others. We need to act NOW to help them! And Elder Bednar was point on when he said we want to share the gospel because - like his son - we want to share what has helped us when we were hurting. The gospel of Jesus Christ can ALWAYS bring that relief, no matter the circumstance!

I learned so much this week, and am wicked excited to learn even more and be spiritually fed - haha also fed physically because the hermanas give us pity food, voy a engordar. (I'm going to get fat) I love this church, and I know our leaders are inspired to lead us. I am so grateful for them! I love being a missionary in this work, I love my companion and I love the scriptures!

Love, Hermana Westergard

We are an interesting sight hahahah

  new agenda!

 me and my new minion friend....we have had lots of time to talk these past couple of days

not quite sure how but this bruise is growing up my toes

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