Monday, October 20, 2014

Mexican food is actully the best


Literally have eaten SO much this week. All the members feel bad for me because of my leg and want to show their love with the food! Carne asado, pastel decked out with flowers of chocolate and raspberries and blackberries and strawberries and it is like half a foot thick, churros, half of a huge platter of choco-flan, a whole chicken, tamales, elotes, cacalas...EVERYTHING. It is so delicious but so awful hahahaha because I want to eat it ALL and I am sitting doing NOTHING all day. I do not think I will every find a happy medium with this food. Still working on adding to my recipe book, and it is coming along quite nicely.

The members here - honestly - are SO amazing. I cannot even begin to describe how grateful I am for all they are doing to help us. We have had people to go out and work with us every day, and I go to the house of the Relief Society President or Hermana Fradaliz. So our area is not dying! But Hna Q is having some trouble right now because she is trying to contact people and they just are not interested. Sometimes I feel like the areas have ups and downs of progress and slumps, and we might be in a little bit of one right now. BUT we are not losing hope! We know there are people ready and waiting to listen to us! We just need to find them! Motivation to contact ALL of our references. Because people are waiting and ready!!!! There always are! I have also been getting along a lot better with our ward mission leader! I would even go as far to say that he is my..........FRIEND :). Another prayer that has been answered!!! He is super enthusiastic, and is willing to help and wants to help our converts. I would even go as far as to say that he is......GREAT!

The daughter of Hna Fridaliz is named Lani Alisa. And I have always felt a connection with her, but I found out her 2nd name is Alisa! Basically like my name, Eliza! She found out too, and was super pumped. We are gonna be lifelong friends, yes, me with this 7 year old.

Something that I have experienced - being with the members all day - is seeing their way of family life and how great they actually are. Seeing how ready they are to fulfill their callings, to serve others and to go out of their way to help random people. These members really are examples for me! I have been talking a little with the son - his name is Limi or something like that - of the RS president. He told me he is not sure if he wants to serve a mission... he has not told anyone else though. Not his parents, not his friends...I am pretty sure just me. I AM IN THAT HOUSE TO HELP HIM!!!! I have talked with him - when I can - about all the blessings I have seen from being on a mission. He is really struggling with his testimony in general, I asked him who gave us all our blessings, and he told me he didn't know. Poor kid. I am gonna help him though!

Jesus the Christ is amazing!!!! I recommend that all people should read it if they have not!

Norma: She was confirmed this week! Seeing her face beaming when the congregation confirmed her after she received the Holy Ghost was spectacular and beautiful, and I am so grateful that I have gotten to see this change in her. I love Norma!!

Elsi - a 9 year old who we found who´s mom is less active and who wants to be baptized! I met her on Sunday and she is cute and adorable and innocent and has such a sweet spirit. Hopefully we are going to baptize her on Sunday!

Random things from the week:

Wiped out walking up the stairs of the church on Sunday in front of everyone...the worst!!!!! I hate having attention on me and then I fall in front of everyone and ALL the attention is on me. Ug. Needy American sister missionary.

I was hobbling up the stairs in our house and I felt something fly into my head and bounce off of it. I turn to look what it was and it was.......A COCKROACH. GROSSBARFVOMIT. I almost fell back down the stairs when I realized what it was. Then there was the whole experience of screaming and dying of laughter as Hna Q killed it with the broom hahaha and I almost fell down the stairs again because of the laughter. Overall....a very humorous experience hahahaha

Miss you all and love you lots!!! I celebrate 9 months in the mission on Wednesday....half of my mission gone just like that! AHH!!!!

Love, Hermana Westergard

 my enormous platano macho

Hermana Greer loves me!!!
Tamales and cookies I made/one given to me as a gift hahha

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