Tuesday, February 24, 2015

The little things

I have been thinking a lot and reflecting a lot this past week. The stars have really been shining beautifully and the weather has been perfect. A little cold but perfect. I have been noticing the little things. I cannot help but think how EXTREMELY lucky I am to be here. To have the knowledge of this gospel in my life. To see the flowers and stars each day and night, and to know it was all made for us because Heavenly Father wants us to be happy and to have joy in this life. How blessed are we?! I also realized the immense LOVE that I feel for the people here. I know I am not going to want to leave. I feel like I am watching an hourglass and the sand is falling too fast!!!!! I want to stop it!!!


Atole is great, you all should try it.

M y A - Very humble and very receptive. Mario works at the fruit store owned by our neighboors and his sister walked in on one of our lessons and sat down and just told us that she wanted to listen to us and go to church next week! SO THAT WAS AMAZING!!!! They are both great people. A little old lady who lives with them though is not our biggest fan. Usually, basically with everyone, they always tell us that their house is our home too and that we are always welcome there. This crank told us that we are not welcome and we do not have our home there. When we got there she screeched a little "You are back to give your lessons again?!"....well.....yes hahahaha. Then she said a phrase and i am not sure if it is a groseria or no so I am not going to say it. But M told us not to pay attention to her....so we won´t

A - Dad of an old investigator of other missionaries. He has a lot of needs, and a lot of questions. But those kinds of people are my favorite! If we can gain their trust and answer their questions, well, they believe us and trust in the things we have to say. Also, when they have questions it shows that they are really listening so I LOVE THAT TOO :)

D - A perfect example of the importance of opening your mouth and talking with everyone! I talked to her kid one day in the street and asked if his mom was home, she was but was busy, so we left a pamphlet, which she read ALL of, went back 3  days later, had an AMAZING lesson, left her a Book of Mormon and she asked us what she needs to do to be a member of the church. AH!!!! She survived cancer and has an outlook that God has given her a 2nd chance at life. What a great woman

V - Finally got to see her and talked with her mom! She is going to be baptized on February 22nd! When I celebrate 13 months in the mission! Could not ask for a better celebration than that :)

Hna T- An hna who loves the missionaries so much. She helps me look at my problems in a different way and helps me be more optimistic. Also, when talking to her, I realize that I really do not have a whole lot of trials. On the other hand, she has no money, has 2 kids, her husband is working in the US and is working on getting visas for all of them so they can go up there too. She is an angel for us. I realize that I am being selfish and I need to stop focusing on myself and my comforts, and that I need to focus on the people HERE. Because I am only here for 18 months, ya solamente tengo 6 mas. No es mi tiempo.


Love, Hermana Westergard

la nueva zona

aprendiendo como hacer pan con la familia Torres!

Conferencia navideña


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