Monday, May 11, 2015

Hermana P

So Hermana P is still amazing! I love this girl so much! She is like a sponge ready to learn and ready to soak up everything I say and do. She has a sweet spirit and she has a contagious love for the gospel. How blessed I am so have such an amazing comapnion!!!! She doesn't really say a whole lot right now but I remember how I was when I first got here and how I did not want to talk to ANYONE!!! She is much further advanced when I was hahha but she really is great!!! It is a great experience training from the very beginning. Hna P asks me lots of questions and looks up to me a lot and follows my example in TODO. I feel like she helps keep me on track too :) I love doing the 12 Semanas, I love remembering all the little things, I love training! I feel like each time I testify of something or teach a little thing to Hna P, my testimony grown that much more and I am reminded that all of this is 100% true!!!!!! AHHH JUST SO HAPPY :)

I have also realized how much I have come along in my Spanish! Right now, I am basically teaching the whole lesson every day and saying everything...AND PEOPLE UNDERSTAND ME :) It is such a satisfying feeling. I have been very blessed to have Latinas as compañeras my whole mission.

If there is something I have learned here, it is that we need to fight for EACH investigator. Each soul is SO importand and Satan isn't gonna give it to us without a fight. Salvation is not an easy experience.

P, Y, A, J, J, S, B - They have been reading and praying. Committed to live the Word of Wisdom and the Law of Chastity. There is so many problems with this family though. Lots of little things that bug them and prevent them from keeping the peace. S and B are not gonna be able to get married until June, they have to pay some debts and save up the money. They love us a lot and the kids are always playing on the roof of the house when we show up, and when they see us they shout HERMANAS HERMANAS and everyone turns to see us.

S y B - S was confirmed and B is still going strong :) Spiritually and physically! I JUST LOVE THIS FAMILY :)

Y - not reading, BUT FINALLY started praying. We made a prayer rock with him to put on his pillow to he remembers to pray. And so far so good! He has some problems with the Word of Wisdom, but we put goals and ya esta mejor. We taught him the Law of Chastity and no problems with that either THANK GOODNESS. Everything looks good for his baptism on Sunday! He is a really good kid. He brought 3 amigitos to church on Sunday :)

D - J's step-sister. She has been partially listening the the missionaries for a while too. But no one has taken the initiative to really TALK TALK with her! Well we did, and she wants to be baptized! She ended up running from centro to make it to the last hour of church, but she made it! I was suprised when she accepted una fecha, I thought I heard her wrong hahaha but no! 

Don M - he has kind of semi been listening to the missionaries for a while because his daughter was baptized a couple of months ago. We had a great lesson with him last night, and he has been to church the last couple of weeks. We put a goal for his baptism May 24th. He told us one of the reasons he has not been baptized is because he feels like he can't forgive his ex-wife. And he feels like he would be a hypocrite to be baptized knowing that he isn't completing with one of the 10 commandments. He has a point. But he has been reading the Book of Mormon, and has a real desire to do what is right.

Love, Hermana Westergard

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