Thursday, April 30, 2015



Well guess what!!!!! We had changes this week and I know that this next transfer is going to be so great!!!!!! I felt it in my stomach all week that I felt like I was going to train, and it came to pass. I did not want to say anything to anyone hahaha because if it didn't happen well that is kind of embarrassing I am training a fresh, new missionary, Hermana P! She is a short little Mexicana from La Ciudad de Mexico who is so sweet and full of life and love and is so excited to be here. I am really grateful to be able to work with her - hopefully to start and end her training. I really do not think there would be a better way to end my mission than going back and reminding myself of al the basics while we are doing the training together. We are both here in Teziutlan, and she really lucked out because all the other areas of the mission are getting up to 43 degrees Celsius. Lucky us! It is actually kind of cold right now, hahaha we are both wearing our coats. But yes! I am so happy! I did not want Hna A to leave, we were finally starting to work really well together and we were having a lot of success, but Heavenly Father knows what is best!

I GOT TO SEE HERMANA Q AND HERMANA H because they are both training too!!! I HAVE MISSED THEM BOTH SO MUCH!!!!! I love them like my sisters. We didn't get much sleep hahaha. Also in Xalapa I got to see M and C and C from Museo!!!! They took me and Hna Q to Chiles for breakfast. It's nice to feel like a part of a family again sometimes.

We had a rough district class this week. Not for me, but for Hna A. We were practicing the Law of Chastity, for me one of the harder things to teach. The whole thing was basically a mess because the elders being our investigators were goofing around and Hna A got frustrated and it was basically a tornado of a practice. Then one of the elders planches Hna A because she really likes to use examples in her teaching, and that destroyed her and she ended up crying and  so yes you get the picture. BUT, after some hugs and consoling words, Hna A was better and she didn't worry about it too much. I have really gotten to know her and I have learned SO much from her. Hna A really is a fantastic missionary and I am going to miss her a lot! She also made me realize how EXTREMELY blessed I am and how many unnecessary problems I avoided sticking to my standards while growing up. But I always tell her what doesn't kill her makes her stronger and that she was called HERE for a reason. Because her past experiences can help her understand others and help them become truly converted. I know she is going to have a lot of success here!

Random things from this week. A dog bit me. We ate rabbit. The rabbit was the pet of B and its name was Bunny....RIP conejito.

P and her pueblo - they are a typical family still. Lots of problems, developing lots of patience hahaha but also lots of love. There were obviously some issues with the Law of Chastity, and we have a wedding in the works so that is something new! They are accepting the commandments, are praying as a family and reading the Book of Mormon, so they are chugging along on the right tracks :) B is pregnant, new news this week, so that makes her that much more sensitive to the spirit which is great!!!! There are always a million little kids running around and screaming and crying and almost giving me heart attacks, but I do my best to stay focused hahaha. I LOVE THEM!!! We had a great Noche de Hogar and they are a happy family with a new goal of an eternal family :)

S, Y, B - B was confirmed!!! Yay!!!! She looks like an angel with her humongous belly and the smile that she seems to have in her eyes all the time :) S was baptized and OTRA VEZ C struggled a little and she went under twice. So he is improving! I am so glad that they can support eachother as sisters in this new path! Y is also excited for his baptism but didn't go to church on Sunday SO we have to push it back another week.

Love, Hermana Westergard

S's baptism!!!!

Hna A and I at the ADO

CHILES :) with M and C :)

the hermanas and their trainers!!

all the new missionaries

Hermana P and I

HERMANA Q :) and I after staying up talking the whole night hahahah suffering
scorpion thing.....yikes

Bunny it its many forms RIP

bad translations in my grammar book

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