Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Another Week

Time is literally going by like water through my hands. AH AH AH! I have officially been in Mexico for a year! We went to renew our visas this week, and this time we could actually understand what they were asking us to sign and do! So we are making progress with the language hahaha.

Weather was bipolar again this week. We were contacting all morning one morning, and the sun was SO STRONG. I got wicked burnt. But I feel like when we contact people are we are dripping sweat and climbing up mountainous hills to look for a reference, they can see how dedicated we are! And that we KNOW this is true. Moral of the story, always have a smile on your face even if you are basically eating the drops of sweat falling down your face, because someone is ALWAYS watching. So, I was nice and toasty red for the baptism pictures for V. It seems like everything was trying to pass so she could not be baptized. The faucet to fill up the font just throws out mud, and so what do we do? We fill up the font one bucket full at a time for 2.5 hours and FINALLY there is a decent amount of water. But wicked cold. Her baptism was really special. Her inactive uncle bore his testimony, and shared all his thoughts about the Church. He knows it is true. The Spirit made that very clear in his testimony. Her grandma also bore her testimony, the room was so full of so much love!!!!

Lamberts, thank you so much for the Valentine´s Day package!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

They divided the stake, so there are now 2 stakes here in Xalapa! We are now a part of the stake Macuiltepec. 

L - A reference from some other missionaries who are teaching her brother. Turns out she talked with missionaries like 5 months ago, but at the time she was living with her boyfriend and was working on Sundays. She is no longer doing either of those things! She is such a sincere person. She is reading praying, and basically wants us to visit her every day. It is refreshing to find people like that!! She has 2 daughters, K and M. One of them has special needs and the other tortures her older sister because she knows what makes her tick. Little planning evil sister. I cannot believe how much patience L has.

A - I planched him with the commandments and i struck a note!!!! I know little by little we will be able to get him to go to church. With the commandments we talked about images and the Virgen and all that stuff. He told me he just would not adore the Virgen and the santos, but then I asked him if he thought that the true church would teach people to break the commandments. He told me know, and then told me that he just would not go to a church and I told him NO!!!! We have to be in the church of Jesus Christ, and in the scriptures it says that His church will have His name. Entonces, La Iglesia de Jesucristo de los Santos de los Ultimos Dias. YES!!!!!!! His wife also showed up behind me, and his wife kind of hates us. I got super nervous really quick, and turned wicked red. He asked me why I was changing colors hahahahah I told him it happens when I am nervous. He died laughing and started fanning me with his hands. We were quite a sight.

Doña F and Don N - F invited her friend to the next lesson because she liked the first one so much!!!!! Don N has had more energy lately, he even got up to make rice one day!! The elders came and gave him a blessing one day, and I had goosebumps all over, it was such an amazing experience. It is so hard when you body limits you from doing what you want to do :(

U y M - They have been being a little weird with us lately. We got to the bottom of it though. Their Catholic families are not our biggest fans and they don´t want problems with them. We talked a lot about temples and the priesthood and eternal families and prayer. They are going to pray. Like really really pray though. M seems a little more receptive and willing while U seems more worried about what his family thinks. De todos modos, vamos a trabajar muchisimo con ellos.

Love, Hermana Westergard

I got to see all my Olivo families in stake conference!!

lovely view outside my apartment

Hermana M and Hna S

Familia B S

Hermana A!!!

This is M!!


sunset after the HOT day
baptism of V

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