Friday, March 6, 2015


Weird....the song Just Another Manic Monday is playing on the memory in the internet place where we are right now. I am being brought back to middle and high school when I made myself wake up at 6 every Monday because I loved this song.....hahahahahahaha. What a weird child I was.

FINALLY FINISHED JESUS THE CHRIST!!!!! What a great book. You all should read it!!!! So crazy, when the book was written in 1973 there were only 8 temples.....look how much the church has grown since then!!!! (editor's note: The book was published in 1915 and there were 4 temples then, now there are 170)

Little kids here are cute. In the prayer for the food, Jocelyn said, bendice a los amilentos instead of los alimentos. We all make mistakes sometimes hahaha

There is a guy 100% completely drunk that we always run into when we are in Lomas de Seminario. He follows us around saying La Iglesia de los Santos de los Ultimos Dias, or some variation of that phrase depending on how drunk he is. BUT, turns out he is a member. How do we know? He talks about the stake center, and told us when he was baptized that the elders pushed him into the water. We told him they did not push him, he is just confused. Then he starts to cry and tells us not to make fun of him. Poor guy. We were not making fun of him. We wrote a note for him telling him where the church is and what time we meet at. The next day he saw us again in the street and comes staggering over to us and is like I still have that note and I am going to go because I want to change. I have never seen him not drunk though. An hermano in the ward told me that his wife died and that is why he drinks so much, to dull the pain. Not quite sure how to help him, because he does not remember what we say 2 minutes after we say it.

C y D F - Referenced from U and M. Turns out they talked with missionaries like 8 years ago too!!!!! We were worried they were not going to be super friendly, there was a big sign on their front door that says basically DO NOT BOTHER US FOR TORTILLAS BEFORE 8 AM. hahahahha so we knocked and C answered the door. His dad - D N - is really sick and they do not know what he has. He has been in bed for 15 years, and just looks like a vegetable really. His brain fully functions, but he has some disease with blisters in his mouth so he cannot talk or eat, but he understands everything we are saying. The lesson - honestly - was completely guided by the Spirit. D F told us - at first - that she is Catholic but she is not changing her religion.But by the end of the lesson she had tears in our eyes and told us we were welcome to come back any day. We had a closing prayer and asked C to say it. He was an alcoholic, but told us he found God in AA. I have never heard such a heartfelt prayers in my entire life. I am pretty sure I have never even prayed like he prayed that night. I asked if we could say the prayer on our knees, so we all kneel down and 15 minutes later he is still praying. WOW. What an experience. I asked him how he felt after the prayer and he said he felt something warm in his heart, and even his ears were tingling with this warmth. AAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH my eyes were watering up a little honestly. Such an amazing night. C also told us he was praying the night before for a sign from God of what he should do, and we showed up at his door. He told us like 4 times, I know this is not a coincidence. He also told us we were like a ray of sunlight in their house that night. aaahhhhh

D I y M - Well D I no longer even wants to see us. I knocked on the door, she opened it, saw me, and closed the door in my face without saying a word :( so sad. We are still working with M though and putting lots of goals and verifying a lot. He seems to struggle to find motivation to pray....we are trying to change that. He did go to all 3 hours of church though on Sunday when he told us he was only going to go for 1 house, so yay!!!!!

D G y U y M - References from M. Turns out that they also talked with missionaries like 8 years ago!!!!! We are seeing the importance of planting seeds!!!!! The lessons we have had with them are the lessons a missionary wishes they could have every day. They area actually LISTENING. You can see it in their eyes!! I know that I am not testifying to them, but the Spirit is touching their hearts. How blessed am I to be able to see that in their faces :). U and M are married, have a 5 year old son K, and are expecting another baby. We have taught them The Restoration and the Word of Wisdom. They are praying separately, as a family, reading the Book of Mormon, and they went to church with us on Sunday. THIS is the chosen family I was meant to find here in Museo. I LOVE THEM SO MUCH!!!!!! After one of the lessons, K wanted us to make plato things with him. I made a boat, he told me it was not right, squished it, and made a ´better´one......more like a chunky cube. But whatever floats his boat. I love this family!!!!!

J y J - J is a member and her husband is not. She does not go to church a lot because - well - no one wants to go to church alone. We had a really great lesson with them about faith and prayer. In church on Sunday - SHE FINALLY WENT AGAIN - she told me that her husbad really liked the lesson and that he feels like he can talk with us. He told us he would go to church in 2 Sundays, because we was working the first one. Missionaries have been trying to work with him for a long time, but when they get there, he always leaves and escapes through another exit. BUT this time he stayed!!!!! Little by little!!!!!!

We are not the best missionaries or the best teachers, but we do our best to testify with our hearts and let the Spirit fill in the gaps that we cannot.

Love, Hermana Westergard

flores en Xalapa

Making donuts and the Noche de Barrio  

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