Saturday, March 21, 2015

Muchos cambios :)

WOW SO MANY CHANGES!!! So we found out transfers last night anddddd....drumroll.......I AM LEAVING XALAPA!!!!!! I am going to go to Tezuitlan! It actually is not a part of the state of Veracruz, it is a part of Puebla. It is in the mountains, I have heard that people are really Catholic, but I am SO EXTREMELY SUPER-DUPER PUMPED!!! I am going to finish the training of Hermana A, she only has 6 weeks here in the mission! This will be so cool to be with a baby missionary. I know I am going to learn so much from her, and I hope to teach her all that I know! I am also a Sister Training Leader, so it is basically like a Zone Leader but with the hermanas. I will get to do divisions with hermanas in Martinez de la Torre, so I will get to know a little bit of that area also!! SO EXCITED!!!!! There has never really been a super guera missionary in Tezuitlan either, so I am ready to hit the road running! Power of the hair.

M - she had her baby finally!!! I feel like I am a part of her family. I am going to miss her so much :( I met her when she was just 6 months pregnant and now she had her baby!!! His name is J G. Less that 3 kilos. What a strong young woman. Hna J promised me she is going to baptize her. She literally is so amazing, I love her!!!!

Zone Conference - we had a zone conference with president and I am pretty sure it is the best zone conference we have had since I have been in the mission. I learned so much!!! AND! WE GOT TO SEE MEET THE MORMONS!!!! It was a surprise for us!!! SUCH A GREAT MOVIE!!!! EVERYONE GO SEE IT! We did a ton of practices, some with only using questions. That was a little more difficult, but president made his point that sometimes we are just vomiting words and are not listening enough. Everyone is also wicked committed to being exactly obedient! We were literally RUNNING back the the house in the rain, getting soaked by cars BUT we made it back by 9! We also talked about the difference between having a testimony and being converted. I am really grateful for President Greer.

Noche de Barrio - was have activities every Thursday in the church. This week, we - the missionaries - made pozole. It is like a soup from chile,onion, tomatoes and garlic all blended up for the broth, and then there are big pieces of meat and huge special kernels of corn. You put onions and radishes and lime and lettuce in it and eat it all with tortilla chips. And it didn´t even turn out half bad. yay!! There were only members that came, so we did some funny practices to show the members how to share with Gospel with their friends or random people- like the taxistas.

Contacting - We have been doing a lot of contacting in parks. It still puts my stomach in knots a little but I am getting less nervous little by little! We started talking to a woman, turns out she is a less active member! WOW!! She was there with her friend, and we started talking to her too. Turns out she works in the grocery store and has seen us before, one time she put our cupcakes we had in a cubby thing. So what do we do the next day? Go to visit her the next day with a lovely muffin and a pamphlet for the Restoration :) The way to the heart is through the stomach. No shame.

I am so excited for this upcoming tansfer!!!!!!!

Love, Hermana Westergard

Conference with presidente

one last zone picture - Estacion

eating chicken feet- yumyum

Hna I and Hno P

M´s beautiful family!!!

messiest popsicle things ever

waiting to make pozole

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