Tuesday, March 31, 2015


Bohemian Rhapsody is playing in the internet cyber where I am....very weird. Sorry I literally have no idea how to spell that.

SO THIS WEEK WAS GREAT!!!! We were running all over the place because we had to go to Perote to set apart an appointment with the judge for J and E's wedding. Perote is like 2 hours away in bus and we went there twice this week. BUT IT WAS ALL WORTH IT!!!! They got married and were baptized on Sunday! We were also sad because they were going to change houses, and then they were not going to be living in our area. BUT THEN on Sunday they told us they are not going to move!!! YAYYYY :) E told us that we must have been praying a lot for them, and she told us that she secretly did not want to move either. Actually, praying a lot for them would be an understatement hahaha every time we pray we pray for them! AND PRAYERS ARE ANSWERED!!! They are my favorite little family, and in 1 year they can be sealed. March 29th 2016, mark your calendars!!!!! 

I love this area so much. This is going to sound sad, but I feel like I am finally starting to work with people who have testimonies and who are truly converted. It is an amazing difference to see.

Hna A and I have been doing the 12 semanas together. It is a program for missionaries when they first get into the mission field, and I LOVE IT. I am learning so much while we are doing it together. I mean, I did this program more than a year ago, and basically did not understand anything of Spanish so I am not quite sure that I got a whole lot out of it. But I feel like I am rebuilding my basics, and it is really cool to see how my perspective has changed in this past year of being a missionary and to see how much I have learned and grown!

We have been eating SO MUCH chile these past couple of weeks. I told Hna A that we are making up for all the chile she did not eat with Hna L, because she does not like spicy stuff. Our stomachs are definitely suffering these days. Lots of Pepto Bismol.

It is really different being the only sister missionaries around here for miles. There are 3 zonas here, and we are the only ones. We see a different side of the elders hahaha but I think we help keep them in line a little bit too. We had a conference with the assistants, and we all learned a ton!! They did a bunch of activities with us, and they were really effective.  We got to see - more physically - that we need to keep on pushing ourselves in those days even if we are DEAD tired. We need to give all we can, and then a little more. ALSO, we need to respect our leaders, even if ellos no nos caen bien. Because we are all working in this together, we need to be a team. If we cannot have a strong team, how can we expect to succeed as districts or zones or as a mission? It was a great conference!!!!!

S - he put a baptismal goal with us for el 12 de abril. He has such a strong testimony, and is truly converted. He is just working in mustering up the courage to tell his Jewish parents about his decision to be baptized. He is 26, a grownup now.  But he still lives with them and works with his dad. We are praying a lot with him, and have assigned some great chapters in the Book of Mormon about patience and courage and faith. He is a really great guy.

B, S AND NOWWWW Y, Y and M - So we started out just teaching the 2 sisters. But we are now working with their younger brothers and their mom!! YAYYYY :) I love working with families! We actually hiked up to a huge statue of Jesus Christ today and had a ton of fun with them! B is 7 months pregnant, and the brave girl made it all the way up! They all went to church with us on Sunday, and we read a lot in the Book Of Mormon with them. It is something we are focusing on a lot lately, helping our investigators obtain a testimony of the Book of Mormon. If they can gain a testimony of that, then it is certain that their faith and testimony in other things will increase as well. I love this family also!!

Women's Conference was great!! I was bawling hahaha it was so focused in the family, and well I miss mine a lot. But I am SO GRATEFUL to be here, helping others realize that they can have eternal families too.

Love, Hermana Westergard

The District Of Mexicans and Americans - Elder T, M, K, T and Hna A

lots of green

J and E´s wedding!!!!!

J and E´s wedding!!!!!

J and E's baptism :)



struggling hiking hahaha

the climb continues

beautiful Mexico!!!

Enorme Virgen

Hna A y yo

checking out this view


con Cristo

everyone is tired

3 cruces 

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