Thursday, April 30, 2015


This week we had a lot of really good days. Really, really, good days. Basically, I could not have asked for a better week than this. It is a good time to be a missionary.

We are working with A LOT of people. My area is SO blessed. I feel like I have reached the gold mine of the mission. I love the people, I love my companion, I love it all!!!!!! Thank you for all your prayers and thoughts, I know it would not be the same without the support and prayers from all of you.

I have felt my testimony of the Book of Mormon growing exponentially in the past couple of weeks. I cannot say that I loved the Book of Mormon before the mission, because, well I didn't. But now, when I have that book in my hand, it is like my heart gets tingly and my heart pounds a little faster and as I flip through the pages, my fingers feel a sense of adoration and respect for the prophets and the people, and the pages are like a well-known family member. I love the Book of Mormon!! With my whole heart! I know it was written my prophets inspired my God. And I know that their teachings apply to each one of us personally today. How amazing is it that we have a book that has the fullness of the gospel of Jesus Christ? AH :) I just love it!!!!! It is so amazing to be here and feel my love for the Book of Mormon and for the gospel of Jesus Christ growing inside of me. I never thought that my mission would make me my biggest convert. 

Some goals, I am working on talking slower. Hna A told me that I talk wicked fast, and people are not always putting their full attention in my when I am talking because they are distracted by my hair/eyes/every other gringa aspect of me. And I never know if people did not understand me because of 1) my accent or 2) they aren't focusing on what I am saying. It is a bit frustrating, but Hna A told me I have started talking slower and I am starting to see a difference! Yay for constructive criticism!

Hna A didn't believe me when I told her if you eat 2 plates in the comida, people always offer you food for the rest of the day. And the days when you only eat 1 plate, no one offers you food. There is no balance to me found. It is the awful jinx I have found in the mission. SO, we eat 2 plates. Then what happens? BOOM, sandwiches, tacos, more tacos, oatmeal with apples and boiled potatoes with salt during the rest of the afternoon. We get back the house and she looks and me and says I KNOW I KNOW YOU TOLD ME. hahahah my wisdom I have learned from the mission.

Ate tacos of tongue......GROSS. Never again. The man also tried offering me tacos of eyes but you gotta draw a line somewhere. AND tacos of eyes are WAY beyond my line.

B y S y Y - Sunday was B's baptism!!! She was beautiful and VERY pregnant. I was praying the whole time that she would not have her baby right there in the water. And my prayer was answered. J baptized her, but he had never baptized anyone before and was SUPER nervous. hahahah poor kid was shaking so much!!! He had to baptize her 3 times because each time she did not go all the way under. But, 3 times is the charm! S is feeling a little nervous for her baptism next week, but I know that seeing her sister's baptism was something that really helped her. We made a little leeway with Y also, and he told us that he liked church last week when he went. He has been praying, and things are going a lot better with him! Their 11 year old friend J is in love with me. Poor little kid hahahahaha he always wants pictures and when we told him that cambios were coming up, he nearly had a heart attack. But he read all of 1 Nephi and accepted the Word of Wisdom, no questions asked. His mom does not know he is talking with us, but he is determined to be baptized when is he 18 because his mom is wicked Catholic. Just 7 more short years to wait.

P and her pueblo - SOOO!!!! This family is golden!!!!! They love everything we teach! They loved church! There are 7 people in this family that we are teaching in total. P, her daughter Y, her son S, his girlfriend B E, and her children J and C, and another granddaughter A. They come from very humble means, all are working, and S and B are not married and Y isn't married either but her husband is in Guadalajara. SO, those are their big problems. But they are reading the Book of Mormon and praying and are very sincere. Only 2 of all of them can read, but the ones who can read, read to those who can't. We have a lot of word to do with them, but we are up for the challenge!!

Weird, today Hna A celebrates 3 months in the mission, and Wednesday I only have 3 months left. We are kind of on opposite ends of the spectrum.

Love, Hermana Westergard

so many kids who cannot read :(

 B's baptism!!!

crazy big hair day


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