Friday, April 17, 2015

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This week we went to consejo and it was really great!!! It was weird to see the hermanas from my generation, we all feel like time is flying by! I feel re-booted again and I was reminded that every little thing matters!!!!! Down to the basics. It is all a pyramidish type thing that we are building.

Something that I have been really grateful for recently is my testimony of the Atonement. I have felt my testimony and my faith grow IMMENSELY in these past couple of weeks and I just feel so much LOVE for our investigators. Like real, actual love. I have felt all this before, but now it has grown to an exponential amount.

One of the BEST talks I have ever read in my WHOLE LIFE is Missionary Work and the Atonement by Jeffrey R Holland. YOU SHOULD ALL READ IT. IT WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE!!!!

We ate gringas locas. No we are not cannibals hahaha it is a type of taco. I have also changed my opinion on bananas. I guess things like that happen when they are some of the cheapest fruits and you don't have a lot of money!

S - we are putting SO much effort into S. He wrote us a note and told us he does not want to be baptized until he finds the woman he is going to marry...we have a planching lesson planned for tonight with him. But with lots of love. He has SUCH a strong testimony and lots of faith.....but is equally

B, S, Y, A - B and S are progressing wonderfully. Y is a typical 14 year old boy and reminds me so much of RILEY!!!!!! I AM FIGHTING FOR HIM!!!!!! He still has not prayed sincerely or really read a whole lot, so that is what we are focusing on with him. A is their dad who showed while we were teaching B and S the Plan of Salvation. Then he just came out to us and asked us how he could be baptized in our church. CAN YOU REPEAT THAT PLEASE?! So we have started to work with him also!!!!! 

S - She is kind of resorting back to her Jehova's Witness ways and is putting a lot of excuses for things. After a long, tiring lesson, I was kind of done sugar coating things and was very blunt with her. How did the TJs get God's power of the priesthood in their church? She obviously could not answer and was like I have not really studied recently, I will need to look that one up....GAH! Also she was going on and on about the 144,000 who are going to be saved and everyone else is going to hell supposedly. Wrong. Does God only love 144,000 of his children? NO. HE LOVES ALL OF THEM!!!!

J and E - They are struggling as a newly married couple. Satan is putting all these trials in their lives, and they are kind of suffering a lot. Poor guys. E almost didn't get confirmed on Sunday, because they were fighting and J got there with the kids and E just never showed up. SO, we went looking for her. We went all the way to their house and E was not there. We leave and start roaming the streets looking for her. Then I remembered that things would probably go a lot better if we said a prayer, we said one and then LITERALLY a minute later, we see her walking down a hill. Long story short, they were confirmed and the day ended A LOT better than the way it started out. I LOVE THIS FAMILY!!!

P -  a very humble woman we contacted on Saturday and she pored her heart out to us. Like the majority of the people we talk to, she has suffered a lot :( it breaks my heart. We invited her to church on Sunday, and she cannot walk very well so she said she would take a bus over and meet us there. NORMALLY when someone tells us this, it is because they are telling us to take a hike and don't really want to go. But come Sunday, she shows up with 4 of her grown-up kids and about 6 grandchildren. WHAT!!!!!! I was in shock. All of our group of investigators was about a fourth of the population of the Sacrament meeting. We were SO SO SO SO happy!!!! It was a fantastic Sunday :)

Love, Hermana Westergard

I moustache you a question 

the STLs

 gringas locas

I spy King Kong...just kidding 

 Fue el cumpleaños de J!!!

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