Monday, April 6, 2015

I love Conference!!!

Well, I just want to start out by saying that I LOVED CONFERENCE!!! Wow. 2 days of purely inspired words and messages, so great!!!!! I just spent 5 minutes trying to figure out how to spell embarrassing is that. Moving on!!

Conference was SO focued on families. I know that they are eternal! I know that we can be with our families forever!!! We need to fight EACH DAY so that we make sure that we can have that blessing. Also, I love seeing how the church is growing so much! 3 new temples in places I never would have imagined them. THE CHURCH IS TRUE :)

We had interviews with presidente this week, and it was really good to talk to him. He and Hna Greer care about us a lot, and we all love them too. There is an enormous group of 40 missionaries leaving after this cambio, and only 16+/- are who knows what is going to happen with the mission. They are going to be closing a lot of areas. I am heading down to consejo with the zone leaders tonight with Hna A, so I am sure I will learn a lot!!! Ready to learn!!!

The Semana Santa here has been a little rowdy, but nothing super huge. There were a lot of processions in the streets with some people carrying a cross, others carying a huge statue or Christ with thorns on His head, all singing. I tried taking a picture from our deck without being seen by the passersby below....hence the poor quality of the photo.

I have been learning a lot with Hna A. I feel like this cambio - more than any other one - is when I have been able to see my faults and weaknesses. We try to be better each day though, and Hna A is not afraid to let me know her thoughts. So that is a good thing!

The Easter Bunny is not a thing here in Mexico, but I made it a 'thing'. I made a little goody bag for Hna A, and for J and E's children. THEY LOVED THEM!!!! :) Yay for bringing American traditions into Mexico hahahaha

We discovered some WICKED good tacos de barbacoa de borrego en el centro. Mexico seriously has the best tacos. I never thought I would hear myself say that one of my favorite foods is tacos. Vengan todos a Teziutlan. Yo los compraré.

S - things are still looking good with him for the 12th! He spent Easter with his family, it is a really involved Jewish holiday. He is kind of mysterious which kind of gets the patience of my companion, but we love reading the Book of Mormon with him! He also has a huge desire to share the Gospel with him friends, and he is going to present us to some of them this week!

J and E - Love them. They love us. They loved conference. They are going to be an eternal family. SO MUCH LOVE!!! :)

B and S etc... - B is becoming veryyyyy pregnant, so it is getting difficult for her to get out and move around. But they are all reading the Book of Mormon! We put a goal with them if they could finish 1 Nephi in one week, we would buy a cheesecake. They did it, we all enjoyed a really delicious cheesecake. BUT what is ever MORE delicious is the fact that we can see their tesimonies growing and their faith in Christ. They have been highlighting every word having to do with God or Christ or the Holy Ghost, and the fact that they can see how personal the book is helps them that much more. I love this family!

I love this Easter season, I love being a missionary, and I know with my whole heart that this is the TRUE church and that our families can be FOREVER!!! 

Love, Hermana Westergard

Processions with the cross for Easter

What we went out to run to before the time change


The easter bunny visited me here for bring treats for B and J :)

What we go out in the morning to run to now

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