Sunday, July 5, 2015

17 meses.....


Wow. Today my calendar reminded me that I've been in the mission for 17 months. Honestly, the fastest 17 months of my life. Let's not focus on that right now though, let's focus on the good things of Papantla.

Well, first the random things. It was 45° C (113 degrees F) this last week. I have included some sweating picture so you believe me how much I am sweating hahaha. My sweat rag is my amigo fiel. Someone broke into our house but didn't take anything...which is really weird. We got back at night and the door to get in was unlocked. We are the only ones in the building and I ALWAYS LOCK THE DOOR when we leave. We tried telling ourselves it was nothing but then halfway up to the 3rd floor where we live, Hna R and I looked at each other and both decided it was a bad idea to go up by ourselves. We ran back down and waited around in the street and then RM T walked by in that moment. WHAT A BLESSING. We explain to her the situation, and she says, 'I don't know why but this morning I felt like I should put this in my bag' and she takes out a flashlight which also has a taser with it.....AH. So we wait a little bit more and a young couple shows up, but at least there is 1 man hahah so we send him up to check out the apartment and then he beckons us up and we look all around and....... NO ONE was there. Thank goodness. But someone did get in, because the door was closed with a brick outside and we never leave the door like that. And there were pamphlets and pass-along cards thrown on the floor, but nothing was missing. Even my ipod that I left on the desk with the speaker was still there. We are thinking that they saw the pictures of Jesus all over the walls and rethought their intentions. Or maybe they realized we really didn't have anything of value hahaha. WHO KNOWS. But yes, that was an interesting experience.

My area is like a garden of in-active members. WE ARE WATERING AND NOURISHING ALL OF THEM. We need to find out what is the best way to help them, and what do they need. So much to do here!


Hna R is changing a lot, but for the better!!!! It is amazing and beautiful to see how she has been changing in these past couple of weeks. She is more confident, she talks with basically everyone, and she is even talking louder! She told me that I have helped her see what she loves in the mission, and that she re-found her spark and what she felt like she was missing. She told me she is excited to go out every day and look for the chosen people. YAY :) happy happy happy! We are getting along better too! Yay!!!!

Something funny that I have realized while reading the Book of Mormon is that Laman and Lemuel's solution for everything is kill the person who is bothering them. Our younger brother wants to rule over us? KILL HIM. Our father is old and we think he is a visionary man? KILL HIM. It was just something I thought was funny hahahahaha

Doña M - Loves calling me guerita. I don't think she actually knows my real name. She made these maza things with peas that looked like tamales and tells me 'come mas guerita' 'toma atole guerita', right after we had just ate. UG. SO hot, SO full, SO wanting to barf. But little old ladies don't take no for an answer. Also, ever since she found out I am going home in July she keeps telling me that I look tired and like I am thinking about going home. Not true hahah I am just resting after climbing up the mountain where she lives. Her grandson - M - is a member but isn't active and supports us a lot with teaching his grandma. M literally cracks me up hahaha she goes on and on and on about tamales and cookies, they are her favorite foods hahaha

Love, Hermana Westergard

Father's Day activity with the crazy relief society members hahahha

Tree of Life lesson with drawing

Hna R y yo

sudando mucho with a closeup


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