Sunday, July 5, 2015


So this week was all about divisions. Stressful. AH! But more on that later.

Random things - I am grateful to eat with the elders because they can eat up my food when I can't. I finally ate Zacahuil!! I thought I was never going to eat it but the impossible can happen. Picture is included.

We have been contacting left and right! As a district, we put a goal to contact 100 people per week per companionship. We only got 48 this week, but that is a HUGE step for us. We have never contacted so many people before hahah and it is fun!!! We can do better, watch out Papantecos.

Divisions with Manantiales. I was with Hna V in their area. She is from Monterrey, and is SUPER cool. She is kind of gangster hahah like the way she talks with her hands but that's what makes her awesome. She is super diligent and has such a a sweet spirit and a powerful testimony and a desire to share the Gospel. The mission will be in good hands when I leave if more missionaries are like her.

Divisions with Tajin. I was with Hna P from Guatemala. She has 12 siblings and is another fantastic missionary, she's kind of timid but is hilarious and spunky once you get her talking. She is struggling a little because she has been with some crappy comps :( so she's not so excited to be here right now. Funny though, we literally waited for at least 35 minutes for a man to say the closing prayer in the lesson.....I am pretty sure we were waiting longer for the prayer than the time we were teaching. I have never prayed for so much love and patience in a lesson as that once. I felt like I was on the verge of throwing my scriptures but NOPE :) all was calm and well. Also, a dog bit Hna R in our area that day...poor girl.

I am grateful for the opportunity that I have to get to know these hermanas. I would never have had the chance otherwise!

Basically all the people we are teaching are about to kick in the bucket. However, we did find a 93 year old man who can still read and hear and you can almost understand everything he is saying because he still has a few teeth! 

J - 85 years old. She is about as strong as a piece of paper and has died 4 times. talking about the doctors who didn't help her in one of the experiences when she was dying 'condenado doctor flojo' or condemned lazy doctor. HAHAHAHAHAHAH Hna R and I almost lost it. She wants to be baptized but is afraid to leave her house if there is a cloud in the sky. She reminds me of that aunt from A Series of Unfortunate Events that is afraid of electricity and everything else.

M - is understanding little by little. Every time we go we need to tell her that she is not going to be baptized naked. After teaching the Plan of Salvation, we asked her who did we live with before and she says 'Diosito'. Good enough for me!! There are some questionable circumstances in her house...we are working on finding somewhere else to teach her

T - a HILARIOUS RM who goes around with us sometimes and is not afraid to say anything. LOVE HER hahaha literally she is one of the best people I have met in my mission

Love, Hermana Westergard


a huge tamale that they make here

HAHAHAHAH this awful funeral place advertisement 


lol this cat is how i feel at the end of EVERY DAY 

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