Monday, July 13, 2015

Doña M es mi favorita

This whole cambio has kind of seemed to drag by to be honest, but this week FLEW by. AH!!!

Random things - we got a message from a number we don't know saying 'admirador suyo'. We think it is one of the investigadores that I met doing divisiones with Tajin and then he came to our ward in Voladores that OK. But we haven't seen him since so no worries.

We had consejo this week, and there wasn't really a message that was prepared, it was more just a consejo that talked about the problems in the mission and what we are going to do to improve and motivate others to have this desire to change also. It was very needed, I know that mission presidents are called to guide us and help instruct us in the path we need to go to achieve a mission of success!!

There were some hermanas who went to Xalapa for their visas and I was looking through their pictures and THEY WERE IN THE MTC WITH LYDIA!!!! such a small world!!!! hahaha i started freaking out....I think I scared the poor girls.

I said goodbye to Hna Q :( she is one of the LCH in Martinez so I got to see her. I LOVE THAT GIRL WITH MY WHOLE HEART! Honestly, she is more like a sister than a friend. I am going to miss her :( I also got to talk with Hna P on the phone. I MISS HER TOO!!! :( But she is working hard in Teziutlan. They are now working with Y, Y's twin brother! And I think he is going to be baptized this week! :) Y went to the temple to do baptisms for the dead and is in classes is prepare to receive the priesthood! It makes me happy to hear stuff like that.

T has been helping us out so much this week. She really is a blessing sent from heaven. She stayed with Hna R when I went to Xalapa on Monday and has gone around with us almost every day!

I did divisiones this week with Xanath. IT WAS SO WEIRD TO BE BACK IN THE AREA WHERE I STARTED MY MISSION! I got to see some of my old investigadores, and some of the members and they all seem mas o menos happy. There were 3 little girls that I talked with for a long time when I was there, and I got to go back and see them. We went to visit one of the converts of Hermana G and P and he told us he finished the Book of Mormon! He had been in Alma when they visited him the week before. He then went on to tell us that he had a 'little' extra time on Monday and REREAD THE WHOLE BOOK OF MORMON IN ONE DAY! My jaw literally dropped hahahah it was fabulous!!!! They are working on contacting and finding news, it is what everyone seems to be doing right now. lots and lots of contacting.

Doña M - honestly one of my favorite people in the world. She is hilarious and old but I LOVE HER!!!!! We taught her tithing, and she doesn't work, she gets government help because she's old, but she told us she wants to give money to help the church. And she gave 50 pesos on Sunday! Sweet sweet little lady! Her grandkids told her that they don't want her to go to church and she told them that she is going to because she likes it. She may be old and frail, but she is very strong willed!!!! We reviewed the baptismal interview questions with her and asked her if she had ever killed anyone and she told us 'ni puedo matar los pollitos'. hahahahahah. SHE IS SO SWEET!!!!! The mosquitos were biting me while we were talking with her and she told me not to scratch and I told her just a little and then we were going to start with the prayer. I was giving the prayer, and started scratching and someone slaps my hand during the prayer. I open one of my eyes and she was watching me with her teeny tiny eyes hahahaha. I almost cried another day too because she was telling me how much she is going to miss me and how all my kids are gonna have super curly hair and was giving me marriage advice :( She finally got baptized on Sunday :) and it was one of the best baptisms I have even been in. She was in the font for about 7 minutes with Elder D and the testigos and Presidente Greer and everyone telling her she needed to lean back but she just keeps leaning forward and shoving her head in the water and doing semi-squat things and trying to splash herself with the water. She also can't hear very well, and with everyone yelling, she just gets more confused and starts doing her own thing hahahaha I JUST LOVE HER SO MUCH!!!  Then she was baptized so she doesn't have sins anymore! It was great. She gave us huge kisses after, so I know she felt something special. Don't tell anyone, but she also gave the ZL who did her interview a litttle peck on the cheek hahah he turned super red too. Everyone loves Doña M :) Good good day :) :) :)

Love, Hermana Westergard

Hermana H and Q in consejo

hermanas in consejo

goodbye to Elder A and W :(


 animo from the elders in my ward yay

                                     guanavana....interesting fruit

                                                      hahahha it says don't throw trash

                                                               beautiful Papantla

my name is still in the cement!

C, L and D a year later

Doña M

an enormous Hershey kiss from Hna Q :'(

Birthday decorations for Hna P!!

centro en la noche

 Doña M after her baptism :) :) :) it's all blury because she gave me a big kiss hahah I swear she is happy her face just doesn't show it

We had a baptism and also the Elders in our ward! They're the first baptisms that have happened in a while, so everyone was wicked happy :) They baptized a man named S. Presidente and Hermana Greer came to the baptism also! It was a day I will never forge

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