Sunday, July 5, 2015

ya el ultimo cambio

We have cambios. Off I go to end my mission in Voladores, Papantla. From 19°C to 33°C, here I go!!!! To be with Hermana R, I don't really know about her, so we will see what happens when I get there tomorrow! They told us yesterday and I was doing everything in my power not to cry in front of all the elders. We were not expecting transfers at all!!!!!! Hermana P is going to be one of my best friends for life, I am so grateful for the time I had to learn from her and to work with her in the mission. But I know that cambios are inspired, so we will see what comes from this transfer.

 We had consejo this past week and presidente and the asistentes were focused a lot on the Book of Mormon. Leaving consejo, I decided we were going to drop all the investigators who were not progressing and reading their assignments in the Book of Mormon. And what happened? We found a BUNCH of new people who are willing and excited to read what we give them! It made us realize that we cannot waste time with people who are not truly interested. The Book of Mormon is CRUCIAL in the conversion process. There are so many promises in the Book of Mormon and so many blessings that we can receive if we just have the desire to look for them and learn about them.

They had the people pass in front to bear their testimonies because at the time we don't know if they will be in the consejo the next month. I was one of those people.....and IT WAS WEIRD. To think that I am in the last stretch, that I gave my 'farewell' testimony, weird weird weird. I don't like it. But it was all for nothing hahah because I am going to be back in consejo next month. I am not going to do it twice.

I JUST WANT TO TALK WITH EVERYONE!!!! And we do! Not scared anymore! And we are TOTALLY seeing the fruits of our labors. It is a cool thing to be able to see.

Testimony meeting on Sunday was GREAT! Sometimes I am afraid to bring the people we are teaching to that meeting because it can either be really awful or really fantastic, and this week was FANTASTIC!!! A 9 year old bore his testimony about obedience because apparently I need to obey my mom to return to Christ'. Everyone started chuckling a little hahahaha. I also had to give the Principios del Evangelio class and I was wicked nervous. I am fine teaching in front of a couple of people, but a larger group throws me off. I was praying a wholeeeeee lot and the class was GREAT!!!! Everyone understood me, there was tons of participation, 2 people cried, and 3 women came up to me and told me how grateful they were for my class. My pleasure :) and milliones de gracias al Espiritu Santo por ayudandome

F y P - I love these humble people. F literally has a new light in his eyes, he looks DIFFERENT. I feel so blessed to see how the gospel is changing his life. They are also hilarious. He tells us he is going to get to church at 23:00, 11:00. He always tells us "si, nos vemos a las 23 horas. si .si. si" Then what happens? They get to church at 9 - showered and everything, go to the other ward for 2 hours and then go to our ward for 3 hours. F didn't want to and didn't take the Sacrament because he was still full from breakfast and doesn't like to eat when he is full. We asked them if they had read 2 Nefi 31.....and they had. We asked F to show us where he read and he pointed to 2 Nefi 31:1. That was it. But he is making an effort!

J y E - I literally love this family with my whole heart. E told us she doesn't want to get to know any more missionaries because it hurts too much when we are changed :(

P y Y - off to Guadalajara. We went to say bye to them and Y was reading the BoM when we got there. I am SO determined to send the missionaries over there to THEM!!!!

B etc... HAD HER BABY!!!!! E A...not a fan of the name but he is adorable!!!!! I love him!!!! She is also doing fine so that is a relief. Y is seriously amazing. He started wearing a white shirt to church, wears dress pants now too, gets there early, what a great kid. I am so proud of him. My heart is breaking to leave :(

A y R M - I only got to know them this week :( but I know they are going to go far. They have read everything we have left them to read in the BoM and have prayed. They went to church, RM even wore a modest skirt!!! They are sisters, A is 15 and RM is 11, turning 12 soon. I am surprised at how mature they are. I am leaving them in the good care of Hna P. We helped their grandma with some 'weeding'. By weeding, I mean chopping away at the hill with a machete. But yes, I USED A MACHETE!!! And I still have all my limbs. It was a success

Love, Hermana Westergard

prestando servicio

garlic interesting!!!!!

the old lady we were helping

hermosas nubes


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