Wednesday, July 8, 2015

lots going on

My head literally has 6 billion thoughts jumbled up and I am not quite sure how to organize all of them, but hopefully you all can understand this email and make some sense of it.

I feel like my patience is wearing out really quickly these days, and I feel like I have no time left and I don't want to waste it! AAHHH!!!! I am trying to perfect everything all at once.

I can make my stomach expand an incredible amount when I am really full hahahah and I did it in front of M and now she goes on and on about me going to have kids one day and how they are going to have curly hair like me and she gives me a bunch of advice that I don't need right now as a missionary hahah but she does it because she loves me! I LOVE HER!!!! funny little old lady.

We did a service project with some of the ward on Saturday. We cleaned up a basketball court and cut the grass.....but in the most inefficient way ever. With machetes hacking away at the ground like maniacs. Never did I realize the brilliance of a lawn mower until Saturday.

My tooth broke again. YAY.

I did divisiones with Gutierrez Zamora, it is an area outside of Papantla and really close to the beach. It is so pretty there!!! I felt like I was in Florida or a little like I was at home again. IT was a weird feeling. I got to work with Hna M and it was cool to see how we have both grown in the mission. We now know how to be efficient and effective and do what we need to do! I love being able to see changes like that!

I feel like everyone here talks SO MUCH and then we show up late to all the appointments because everyone is just talktalktalktalktalktalktalktalktalktalktalktalk. GAH! I am trying to find this balance but so far we haven't found one. I think we are going to need to start cutting people off mid-sentence. It is the only solution.

M - still hilarious and cracks me up hahaha. We taught her the Word of Wisdom and she still isn't drinking coffee! We verify with her every day to help remind her, and she still isn't drinking! We had an amazing lesson about the Plan of Salvation and started with a hymn. We were singing and she starts croaking along with us. It was cute, but we almost died laughing hahahah but we managed to maintain control. She is getting ready for her baptism this Sunday! We are all so excited for her :) Oh, she really only is 85, not 300 years old.

Love, Hermana Westergard

divisiones with Zamora

my tooth


service project


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