Sunday, July 5, 2015


Well here I am in Papantla again!!! Honestly - this might sound weird - but I feel like I feel more like a missionary when I am sweating and am suffering a little more hahahaha. I don't know why. But that's the way my mind works. I forgot what it was like to sweat this much. I won't go into too much detail, but lets just say we are sweating heads, shoulders, knees and toes 18 hours a day. Only 17 hours because we have AC in the room where our beds are so we get a little relief during the night. But I HAVE NEVER BEEN SO GRATEFUL FOR AC!!! I also forgot how big the hills were here. They are like that roller coaster Superman at Six Flags. AND the escogidos live at the top of all the mountains. We have to work for the good things!!

It was so hard to leave Teziutlan. I am pretty sure a pice of my heart will always be there. Saying goodbye to J and E and B and J was one of the hardest things I have ever done. Also saying goodbye to  B/S/Y/M aaaaahhhhhhh my heart broke all over again. AND THEN saying goodbye to Hna P, it just broke into a million pieces. I love that girl with my whole heart!!!!! I am going to miss them all. The mission gives us a lot of trials, but also some of the best experiences of our lives. I love these people, they will always be a special part of me.

I am still STL  but now I am in charge of 4 companionships, so I will actually be doing divisiones and get to know all the areas of Papantla! This will be interesting and an AMAZING experience!

My companion is Hermana R from the Estado de Mexico. She has 13 months in the mission and having a rough time. President told her this cambio that he was going to put her with the best missionary in the whole mission and that she would have an amazing cambio.....I have a lot to live up to. I am trying to animate her and help her find what it is that she loves here!!

There is a lot of work to do here. There isn't really anyone that is progressing, but I feel like I have never worked so hard in my whole mission and we are talking to everyone, contacting all our references, doing EVERYTHING in our power. I know we will see the fruits of our labors sooner or later!

I saw the bishop of Xanath, the first area I was in here in the mission. The ward has grown immensly!!!!!!! There are now 260 people going regularly. He also told me about people who I taught - who didn't get baptized - who later got baptized and then their families also. It was an hermosa experience because I had kind of felt my whole mission that my first 3 months here were a failure because we hardly ever had anyone in church and we didn't baptize anyone. But I was reminded and shown the evidence of the importance of planting seeds :) Happy happy happy!!!

M T - an old lady who we contacted and went to church on Sunday! She is about 300 years old, but still functions normally and I think she still hears pretty well too. SO THAT IS FANTASTIC!!!! She told me I was gorda about 6 times in 30 minutes hahaha so that's something I am never gonna forget. We also said a closing prayer and she said she was grateful for all the santos.....we've got some work to do there too

Familia L- we gave them Books of Mormon and had a great lesson with them on Sunday, and they are going to go with us next week! The dad is super sincere, and in the lesson they are marking the scriptures and everything. I have wanted to work with a family my whole mission, like from the beginnings, and I feel like this is my chance!

Love, Hermana Westergard

la ultima cena con mi compa :(

the familia R R :(  I LOVE THEM!!!!

M - works where the conbis pass by and we always talked with her but she could never go to church, a happy and wonderful woman though


B with the Biblia we bought them!!!!

Familia O L :( I LOVE THEM TOO!!!!

 one of my favorite couples of all time :)

J and B one last time :(

Hna Y

Goodbye to Hna P :'''''(

la nueva zona

some of the hills

after climbing the hill with our favorite accessory - sweat

look for the statue in the background

tamales corrientes. i thought i would never encounter them after the first time and BOOM, ug


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