Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Last P-Day, also mole is the name of the game

Well, last P-Day. This is weird. We literally worked so hard this week, going out with a bang!!!! We taught more lessons this week than we did in any other week in the transfer! I am NOT dying before my time is up. I haven't even really thought about how I am close to going home until last night when they gave us the cambios and that was when it really sunk in. I couldn't believe it!!!!! I still can't! Deep breathing. In and out. In and out. Hna D is going to be the new compañera de la Hna R and they are closing 2 areas of the hermanas here in Papantla. There are about 9 leaving and only 4 getting here, sad :(

We ate mole EVERY single day this week. Wow. My stomach is totally suffering.

Last district class, wow I was a mess. It was an AMAZING class though!! The Spirit was incredible. I felt like I felt an overwhelming love for all of the members of my district and I felt like I was seeing them all in a different light. I could feel Heavenly Father's gratitude for each of them being there and for their sacrifices. It made me think a lot about what I have learned here, and how I am going to apply it in my life when I get back. It is great!

Side note about the class that I gave last Sunday that I was wicked angry about giving. An hermana found us in the street and started telling us that her nieces LOVED the class and that they have been talking about it a lot and talking about what they can do so that they can go to the temple and do baptisms for their family. Her nieces aren't active and have some problems, but the hermana said she has seen a change in them since Sunday! SO, the class wasn't all for nothing :)

Sweating sweating and sweating some more. LIKE SO MUCH! We were contacting people and I couldn't even write in my agenda because the sweat as dripping down my arm and getting the page all wet. It was also dripping into my eyes and stinging them hahah so I couldn't really see either. I tried to keep talking to the man we were contacting but I just couldn't hold it back anymore and started laughing at myself and my situation because i couldn't believe what was happening. I excused myself for sweating so much and he told me not to worry about it and that we are all sweating a lot hahahaha. It is like we are walking all day in a sauna. Yes, that is what it is like. I have never been in a sauna, but I imagine that is what it is like.

We go running in the park in centro every morning hahahah and there are always a ton of drunk guys, I think they sleep in the park. But this new drunk showed up when we were running and he starts sprinting with everything he's got, meaning energy but also with his machete and sombrero hahahahahaha and then started doing pull-ups in the trees. It was quite a sight to see. 

We contacted 49 people this week, I wanted to contact 100, but we tried really hard!!! We contacted this really rude old lady and she obviously didn't want anything, as we were leaving we ran into her granddaughter. We started talking to her and told her that her abuelita didn't like us and she told us not to worry because her abuelita doesn't like anyone hahahha. We felt a little better after

M - we watched some videos with her about Christ's life and Joseph Smith. She understands them better than the normal lessons because she really can't hear anything hahah but when she can see what's happening, well that helps her a lot! She wanted to watch more and more and more, but we told her we had to same some for the next time! She told me she was going to tie me up like her pollos and give me food and water and change my clothes. It was sweet in a weird way, she doesn't want me to leave hahaha. But she also told me that the chain broke so we can't really do anything about it now hahahaha. I told her if I don't get married I am going to come down here and live with her, she said she would share her room with me! How sweet! We made tamales from the beginning with her! Her goal was to enchilarme, but it didn't work hahah and she ended up suffering from all the chile she put in the salsa, oh well! I really am going to miss her a lot.

Well this is it! I am SO EXTREMELY grateful that the Lord permitted me to serve here in His work. I know that this is true. I know it with my whole heart and I know that Joseph Smith was a prophet called of God and that the Book of Mormon is true. Plain and simple, it is true! I love Mexico, and I love these people. I know families can be together forever :)

Love, Hermana Westergard

With Hermana C



making tamales!



mi amigo de elotes asados

                                                                               K y K

 Hna T

Hna A made me mole!

missionaries with the obispo

some of the zone


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